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  • caminocasa07 caminocasa07 Nov 16, 2011 3:18 PM Flag


    Well to state the obvious, this has been a
    disappointing stock in recent years. This
    is not a stock for the faint of heart, and
    there are many risk factors(see SEC filings).

    In the last 20 trading days Chyr has
    declined from $1.92 to the current $1.35 or $.57.

    This on 240,000 shares traded which may or may
    not include some double counting but in any
    event 12,000 shares per diem, involving
    approximately $400,000 total over 20 days.

    Market capitalization as a result has dropped
    by approximately $10,000,000.

    Personally, I am currently planning to "play the hand out"
    until mid 2014 and hope to accumulate a "full"
    position by March 2012

    This may or may not be a good idea--time will

    My guesstimates for revenues and eps in 2014
    are Rev: $53,000,000
    EPS $.42 (untaxed)

    Price Goal: $5.60

    A lot of assumptions and premises go into
    this which may not materialize These
    are challenging times and everyone should
    continue with his or her own due diligence

    Perhaps the above will be of some interest to
    anyone that still has confidence in management
    and the Chyron story.


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    • I am giving up and moving on. $1.30 is ridiculous. If insiders are not buying any at these levels, they know it is sinking and going under.

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      • Let's not get too worked up here. If the fundamental values of the company hold up, the technical factors are flashing buy signals with the MACD and Williams% at their bottoms. Plus, the Bollinger bands also confirm the beginning of a turnaround in the stock price. What you may have seen on Black Friday was a one-day reversal in the stock pattern which should bode well for the intermediate-term. Good luck everyone. Don't let anyone scare anyone out of the stock.

    • The Chyron technology is rock solid and the margins on Axis are already unreal AND if Jerry is correct could grow to the mid-80s.

      I am disappointed in MWW. Here's a case of a better mousetrap, but crappy marketing of the mousetrap. I recognize that the # of broadcasters is not growing...but I believe that MWW does not hire more people unless there is some demand. Hopefully the new sales force (and virtually ALL of the new hires were sales-related) will grow the top line.

      There is just one story here and if they can do it, all will be well. Chyron simply has to grow the top line. They do that and this is back to being a $4/stock.

      Balance sheet isn't too bad, margins are unreal, they just need to grow the top line.

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