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  • caminocasa07 caminocasa07 Jun 13, 2013 2:15 PM Flag



    CHYRONHEGO ----a whole new set of dynamics!

    With MWW we have a CEO with integrity, highly talented, and eminitly capable
    of leading our "new" company to a bright and profitable future.
    My current guesstimates on Revenues, EPS and Price Target Range 2014:

    Revenues $54,000,000
    EPS $.20
    Price Target Range 2014 $2.40 - $2.80


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    • Nice post
      I had used slightly more modest assumptions.
      Rev of $52 m, An Eps of $.18 and a target of $2.25
      I must assume you believe that the operating margin will be north of 10%
      If the vote on keeping MWW was dependent on the shareholders on this message board, I would vote to retain.
      Without any rhetorical excesses.

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      • Q2 not looking so hot. Lots of trade shows, no new signings. Even HEGO hasn't posted anything new.

      • Thanks

        Your numbers could turn out to be right on the mark---
        I am thinking 13% operating margin (hopefully conservative)
        potentially attainable in 2014 resulting in my $.20 EPS guesstimate
        assuming approximately 35 million shares outstanding.
        Shares outstanding could be a little less---Perhaps best
        to think in terms of a $.18 - $.22 EPS range for 2014--
        Important to keep in mind that earnings would be largely untaxed,
        and PE ratios accorded shares by "the market" i.e investors
        in aggregate, would be somewhat less, than if based on a fully
        taxed EPS number. Nevertheless NOLs are substantial and
        it wll be quite a few years before NOL's will be used up.
        Currently I am thinking that a 12-14 PE ratio would be
        appropriate---Conservatively if we were to apply a
        12 PE ratio on your $.18 EPS number a 2014 price target of
        $2.16 would be derived ---a gain of 72% from Friday's close.

      • By "Without any rhetorical excesses" do you mean that you have no reason for saying keep MWW? MWW has made so many absolutely undeniably bad strategic and operation moves over the past 5 years that no one could argue he has addded any value. Instead he has destroyed investors and employees as he totally misdirected the company.

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