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  • lm1984lm lm1984lm Aug 13, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    with last Q exceeding expectations.....

    Previously I had posted an estimate that took the assumption that were would not see a positive operating margin (setting aside transition costs) until next Q. I had been counting on a decent troth , instead i am revving up the fork lift....
    New math..Assuming $58 million in rev. is possible in a year ( $6 m more than I had been assuming) we could be looking at an operating earnings per share of..$.24..(vs. $.18)...We could in 12-15 months be looking at $3+.

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    • Still, a lot of risks---however, raised my guess on 2014 revenues to $56,000,000 following
      the positive conference call--operating earnings per share could still reach your $.24 estimate on
      that revenue number--

      Stock acting well today (10/14/2013) in a sloppy overall market---
      Am raising my trading range guess from $1.34 - $1.64 to new::

      $1.48 - $2.00 between now and mid -November

      IMHO a lot of stock will come out of the woodwork later this year
      due to profit taking by investors who bought late last year under $1.00
      and reach the one year holding period for long term capital gains treatment

      Your $3.00+ guess price target for 2014 seems reasonable
      would involve a 12.5X PE applied to the $.24 operating earnings per share #


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