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  • caminocasa07 caminocasa07 Sep 17, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    ChyronHego Commentary #1

    Closing Price 9/16/2013 $1.56

    If anyone needed a reminder that this stock is very volatile, trades thinly, and that care must be
    taken in placing orders, yesterday will provide such a reminder---After trading around $1.70 for most
    of the day on higher than average volume, the stock in the last minute or so dropped $.14
    to the $1.56 level---Approximately 10,000 shares involved at the end of the day---
    $16,000 approximately involved ---The $.14 cent drop X 30,000,000+ shares = $4,200,000 drop in
    aggregate market cap in just a few minutes..

    In any event, assuming $.18 in operating earnings per share in 2014--
    and further assuming only a 12X PE---stock could be trading at approximately
    $2.16 +/- in March 2014. ---This would represent an annualized % gain of
    nearly 77% from 9/16/2013 closing price level.

    Although my focus continues to be on 2015-2016--ChyronHego near-term,
    could grind its way higher over the next few months. There will be headwinds---
    one factor to consider is that the one year holding period for long term capital
    gains is now in place for those investors who purchased significant quantities
    of stock late last year (and early in 2013) when Chyron was trading under $1.00---
    There will be investors selling to take profits---hopefully selling absorbed
    by new investors taking positions.

    likely be profit taking

    is attractively priced

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