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  • michael.obanion michael.obanion Dec 23, 2008 12:59 PM Flag

    $0 stock in 2 years ....

    if the government doesnt bail them out. Commercial real estate is going to go into a nosedive that will make the housing real estate crash look pleasant. Get out while you still can.

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    • Get out while you still can. Management selling shares. Commercial businesses going bankrupt left and right. Consumer spending at the lowest levels in years. Get out now and pick it up as a penny stock in 6 months.

    • ACAS up 20% today ...good call

    • Hey I know you! You're the walking bill board
      that says the world is coming to an end, and
      oh yeah cbellis also.

    • Thanks you for your expert advice. I will sell all I my shares on Monday. I will take a big lose but you know best!

    • Both appear to be great values..Which one pays a dividend again first? Any turnaround thoughts appreciated

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      • I think management sold because of 2 reasons...If a manager or director of the company sold it is because he thinks the stock is going to $0 and therefore wants to get out...If management as a whole sold than that is because they think the stock is going lower and want to buy it back cheaper. Also stocks that go under $10 then under $5 Are at those levels for a reason. Many examples. NCC bought by PNC...Sov bought by Banco Santander...sirius/xm went from $4 to a measly $0.11 cents...Also, Most retailors are switching to making their money on the internet...there is no need for commercial space except for factories and they are going overseas... Last thought, Drive around to major shopping centers...Look at how many available stores are for rent because of retailers going out of Biz because they cant pay there rent...Perfect example...SawGrass Mall in Florida...1 of the largest malls in the 5 and there are loads of empty vacant retail properties....CBG A Goner.....

    • i just bought in myself, i love this stock at this price,. I am long on shipping stocks and as well and on some solar stocks.. love the price of CBRE. lots of $$ to be made on this stock,, easy double within 18 months, easy double

    • What I can't figure is why they sold the 50 million shares?
      On their third quarter call they listed the various ways they could address any possible covenant problem and the last listed was selling stock. Yet a month later they sell 50 million shares at what is probably the bottom on the market. The good news is that the $200 million will do them well but why? I keep going between;
      1. they needed it because of their numbers so they raised it because they did not want the banks to restrict their activities.
      2. They raised it because of the opportunities out there. He did say on the call that the opportunities out there for them were the best he have ever seen.

      ...Gotta love the banks...they loan any amount to any crappy credit and get slammed and then pop back into their little shells and won't lend even to the good credits. anyway, opinions on why they sold the stock....

    • If all this news is bullish for CB, then why is the stock down 90% in the lasy 6 months. Shouldnt it be going up?

    • Well said. The word is now getting out. Down again today in an up market. What does that tell you? Stop the pumping crap you pumpers!


    • <CB HAS TO become a casualty as the US economy transitions back from a service based economy (shopping malls) back to a productive economy (ie factories). The transition is painful and will lead to massive job loss, nearly all except the top retailers going broke, and the real estate market to further collapse. >

      Brokerage and real estate service firms like CBRE profit from the transition you describe. Firms today need to vacant property and/or downsize, need to sell or buy property, need to reposition assets, appraise its value, improve asset or property management, or foreclose on property sell assets. All of these transactions make for fees to firms like CBRE.

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