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  • abe2399 abe2399 Jan 29, 2009 9:06 PM Flag

    CBG Bankrupt?

    after looking at the balance sheet of this company for the last week, im getting the feeling that their days are numbered. anyone else who has looked at the B/S agree? my friend works their and says business is aweful right now. no business + crappy balance sheet = BK. any insight would be helpful as im thinking about going short. thanks

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    • Feb 11 earnings report will tank this stock !
      It is primed up for shorting and the word is
      their crappy mgt will be announcing big moves
      at the same time.

      The entire industry is running for shelter but
      having 3.2 billion in debt following you blows.

      They totally f-ed this company (and employees and commons)up with their leverage - industry -consolidation strategy.

      BK , Clean house up top !
      Short it but dont ride it into the tank !!!

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      • isn't the stock a little low to short at this point ? even if they are battling the lenders, the stock will probably trade above $1. with good timing, you could get 2 pts.

        i really don't see how the lenders can put the hammer down here. what do they have to gain by bringing down the house ? the company really doesn't have any hard assets so it isn't like CBG is laying waste to the lender's collateral.

        the lenders best option is to keep the company alive and wait for better days. hell, they may have to give CBG a working capital line of credit if it really gets bad.

      • berniemadoffwithalotofmoney berniemadoffwithalotofmoney Jan 30, 2009 7:29 PM Flag


        I could not have said it better.....

        CBRE is totally f-ed, the only people who will be
        consolidated, (aka, out of business) in this industry consolidation is CBRE.

        I feel sorry for the hard working people at CBRE, all the support staff. The only people I do not feel sorry or are the poupous brokers who are lazy, stupid, and are protected by their equally stupid, inept,lying bosses(senior MD's). Kiss this baby goodbye, saynora !!!!!

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