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  • greg_m_thornton greg_m_thornton May 3, 2010 7:41 PM Flag

    ITMN will jump to $50 on approval

    But, perhaps news of the approval started leaking out today and hence the big 13% jump already. Look for another 10% jump at most tomorrow when the approval is announced. With the big 13% jump today another 10% jump tomorrow that is a big 25% jump in two days.

    The smart money bought early today on the rumors of approval and those late to the party have alredy missed out on today's big gain. Tomorrow's gains on the news of approval will be muted because part of it was already priced in by today's big run.

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    • how about 30-50% jump? anything is possible.


    • Your guess but the market is very efficient and it points to a $60+ price IF APPROVED. Likely higher. I am just looking at the numbers to see what the market is saying and the market is usually correct most often. Again, that's what the market is saying IF APPROVED. What's your source as it seems just your option. Options increased significantly along with the price saying the upside is significant if approved, much higher than $50 - at least $60 to $65.

    • Haha am I reading this correctly? "The smart money bought early today on the rumors of approval."

      Smart money does not buy on rumors of approval, bozo. If anything smart money comes in after approval, because it decreases the risk associated with holding an investment like this. Hence DNDN's large spike.