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  • b12s_slurpy b12s_slurpy Jan 7, 2011 3:22 PM Flag

    China sells pirfenidone:::$22/kg

    <If it was the drug that would have a wide audience, you would have home pressed pills all over if the dose costs 45K a year LOL...>

    but at $22/kg, if them folks got involved, you'd
    have pirfenidone houses where the infirmed
    would come.

    they'd have pirfenidone baths and mists
    in an almost resort like atmoshere!

    but the way itmn gonna do it, these same
    folks gonna have to 2nd mortgage their
    homes and cash in any benefits they may
    have to pay for the drug.

    anyways me went off into shangri la
    cause that's where they got the good Singapore!!!