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  • nilogram nilogram Jan 24, 2011 11:56 AM Flag

    China sells pirfenidone:::$22/kg

    If you really think the chinese bottle manufacturer will deliver for $22 why not try ordering some. You may be surprised to learn the Web price is somewhat inaccurate. And you may want to consider having someone conduct some purity testing. Furthermore, if this were the true cost, short ITMN because once the product is approved in the EU lots of small groups will be competing - no patent protection in that market.

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    • i just post em as i see em.

      but why does Cipla in India SELL pirfenidone
      for $0.47 a tablet?

      could it be that it costs next to nothing
      to produce pirfenidone?

      • 1 Reply to b12s_slurpy
      • Yawn.

        Skippy, I give you points for persistence, but this seems like kind of a dumb point to be pushing - even for you.

        Yes, this stuff doesn't cost a lot to manufacture. So what? Is it USP grade? Was it made in a certified and FDA or EU-approved GMP facility?

        And when it passes those hurdles, how do you get it to patients? Do you really think IPF patients will be buying this stuff on the black market? It may benefit patients in countries where no patents apply, but that isn't going help many patients in the EU or US unless they want to live abroad.

        If Skippy-the-entrepeneur smuggles 100 kg of Indian-made pirfenidone into the EU, what then? Standing outside pulmonary clinics in a trench coat whispering "hey, monsieur...".