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  • tjjpt tjjpt Mar 4, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    What's up?

    Anyone knows the fact, not rumors, please post.

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    • Everything is public. DE sales running as forecast (a little ahead of Tracleer history). FR results should be readable next Q. IT coming up ALMOST for sure next Q, but it'll be 2 more Qs before full availability. ES has no government, so that may take a while. UK figures to be stubborn.

      ASCEND has like a 90% chance of success. If it succeeds, UK and US will approve (about 14 months from now). Actual US approval is the only pretty reliable stock price catalyst. Takeover before US approval unlikely.

      Canada and small countries of Europe aren't expected to be material, although Canada is interesting as a farm team for US sales.

      Somehow a meme about expectation of $60MM sales a quarter from Europe got established. That number (and even more) makes sense eventually, but not for a while yet. A drug that slows disease progression without producing immediate improvement is a tough sell, but a good proposition in the end.

      Intermune's method of use patents probably won't have much effect in Europe, but they ought to be golden in the US.

      Intermune has financing to reach the aftermath of ASCEND, but a proper US introduction is beyond its present means. Some sort of deal can be anticipated in the next 2 years.

    • There is no news. This Co. has struggled with its one trick pony for 5 years . The FDA has already told them that their pony is not of circus caliber. They now using large scale trials want to show the FDA that their Pony is a las Vegas star.!

      These are the facts as we see them.