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  • shadowealth shadowealth May 13, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    itmn was a $50+/sh stock just a couple years ago

    and there was a buyout rumor north of $70#$%$ that time ... i won't be surprised if it comes back to that level in a flash ...
    even shorties are running out of fuel ... they pounded itmn in april and short interest increased 4+m shrs but the price did not budge, holding @~$9.00 ... so obviously, some1 has kept buying ... it just broke out and sniffed $10.00 today ... more pain for shorts in the near future ... i'm preparing more ammos to add my position at the right time and at the right price ... good luck ...

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    • Stuff has happened. The main reason ITMN won't skyrocket again even on great news is that there have been too many "normal" drug introductions. Even very useful drugs take time (and active selling) to reach potential sales, and investors know it. Of course, the first drug that actually restores function for Alzheimer's disease patients will be different, but that isn't us.

      Next likely catalyst for a big move in ITMN is primary completion of ASCEND--about 7 months off. If there are good ex-DE earnings come the next CC, that could be a moderate catalyst.

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      • I know you know the driver of the prices noted by Shadowealth was the very real auction of company lead by Goldman (which failed because someone on the BoD got too greedy). Even with a positive ASCEND, do you think a buyout would ever return price to those levels? My view is, No. The very average launch trajectory in EU will dampen optimism for the peak sales projection and the time to get there. Also, Boehringer Ph 3 results due on a similar timeline, so they have competition. The window was in early 2011, and management/BoD blew it.