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  • outsidetoinside outsidetoinside Feb 27, 2014 12:21 PM Flag

    I hate to bring this up but Ascend has already been approved in several countries and yet this co. still loses money.

    So even if it is approved in the U.S. so what.

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    • We really need a better class of basher. ASCEND is the name of a trial, not of a drug. It doesn't get approved.

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      • Glad to see you're still around jacosa. Amazing how much trash the board gets littered with after big moves. No messages for days and now all this non-sense. It's no wonder the old shorts lost their shirts. Their ignorance is astounding. Can't say what will happen over the next few weeks but remaining catalysts are:
        1) If Esbriet posts good Q1-2014 results then watch out. With the results of ASCEND, I would imagine IPF patients will be contacting their docs and asking to start Esbriet immediately. 6 more weeks until Q1 ends.
        2) If BI's phase III data looks average, then even more advantage for Esbriet. BI recently started a new PIII trial with VERY SOFT end points; this usually signifies a drug that can't show any hard/objective benefit.

        Some big ifs, but I think both scenarios above could play out in ITMN's favor. As for buyout, I think it's already priced in. Most likely suspects would be a company that already sells PAH drugs, maybe GILD or Acetilion.


        Sentiment: Hold

    • They will break even on the EU this year & become profitable in 2015.