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    • Just as a point of interest in my personal health history I tell this story .
      I had a severe pain in my chest when I was 34 as I was driving down route 17 . I pulled over in front of the Paramus church right there on 17 .
      Everybody knows it once they have passed it as they maintain their name in a very meticulously trimmed hedge.
      At the time I thought this is a great place for this to happen as Valley Hospital is around the corner and if I don't make it that far there's the Church I can duck in and say my last prayer .
      It only lasted a couple of minutes so I always remembered it but did nothing about it .
      A couple of months later I had another one and then went to see a good friend of mine who just happened to be a heart specialist .
      He did all the testing and came to the conclusion it was a sign of angina and it was unusual because I was so young and certainly appeared to be in excellent health and all of the testing came up good .
      He explained that like everything there was a good thing and a bad thing about the pain .
      The good things were that the body was telling me something was going on.
      He explained that in my case there was't enough blood going to the heart and the body was compensating and pushing more blood out anyway it could .
      That was through the little cappilaries in the area and that pressure was causing the pain .
      The bad thing is that if the body can't do it on it's own it just shuts down , kind of like running out of gas in your car .
      Some animals have regeneration capabilities and hopefully neuralstem (CUR) will be able to stimulate that type of process and get people walking again
      Well I am now 74 so I have made it for 40 more years with a lot of help from vitamins and supplements and there is no zipper on my chest .
      Let's hope CUR can cure by adding the stimulous with their neural specific stem cells .

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      • Stahlz2000,, a ? or 2 if I may,,,

        In a previous post u said that u were into Schering when they looked away from CUR.. Do u remember if that happened before the patent issue appeared, which was from 10-03 to 7-06 ???
        Also,, if Schering now needs some fire in their pipeline, I wonder why they don't load up with CUR stock now ??? They certainly must know the value of the CUR treatments...

        As to your medical situation,, I to have angina.. I have been using fish and flax seed oils for omega-3's and vitamins and lots of oatmeal, and so far I don't have a zipper either...

    • Nice catch!

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