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  • hundoghouse hundoghouse Jun 26, 2010 12:26 PM Flag

    Looking good

    I just looked at a one year chart.
    Yes, Friday hurt. Rethinging it, the deal, although not great, wasn't bad. The the stock price recovery process will happen faster than most would think.
    To put it this way:
    A very fast long distance runner trips and falls and scuffs his knees. He gets up and walks a few laps. But, as he is so far ahead of the rest of the pack in the first place, when he soon resumes the race, he is still far ahead of the rest, and pulls away again.

    Huge volume traded during and after hours. And yet, only a 12% set back (from a very high level)
    Perhaps a short pause, week hands folding, and then the climb to $4 (in less than three weeks I predict)
    I still say $8 is within it's reach this year.
    There is nothing but good news in front of us.
    I think we will see very positive news in 3 weeks or less.
    Oh yes, and now we are in the Russell.
    That Garr is a masterful CEO.
    Off to my second Summer Solstice Parade of the year.

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    • looks like the weak hands are folding.....tempted to pick up a few more thousand at this level

      • 1 Reply to jwgm007
      • I picked up 1500 some at $2.70.
        Given there will likely be some margin calls the next few days, it may be awhile before we see $3.00. But I didn't want to miss out at what looks like oversold. Knowing how hot the stock is, all bets are off.
        Re. Bashers: Bashing is one thing, deception is another.
        As to the $ raise:
        Given CUR is a biotech, raising money is no big surprise. I would think that fact was already priced into the stock at aroun $3.15. If that was the case, this current selling is very short term margin squeeze and shorting action (more of the latter since there are very few brokers that allow margin under $4 and very little at $3.

    • I belive you are right .
      A minor set back but should mean absolutely nothing negative in the longer run .
      Firstest with the Mostest and the Bestest should be our banner .
      As the company becomes more successful over the weeks months and years ahead be ready to experience the true bashers .
      I agree Garr is terrific and an exceptional leader .

      I will post The Bashers Handbook which is good to read every once in a while to keep up your awareness of what we could be subjected to .
      If not with CUR then you certainly will be subjected to the scheming with other stocks you have .
      The message boards have inadvertently made a new business come to life .
      Bashers and Pumpers are truely evil and only see $$$$$$$$$$$ in life and leave any ethics they may have at the door upon entry !

      Basher's Handbook next post >>>>>>

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