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  • indianabraden indianabraden Jan 7, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Note to investor relations


    " It's amazing that despite all of the scientific work Neuralstem is doing, despite 68M shares being owned in the market to support a capitalization level that allows CUR to be funded and to exist and to have a valuation, that ONE MARKET MAKER - presently EDGX - can come close to destroying REGULARLY momentum CUR has going into the update tomorrow in San Francisco. Does it bother you guys to see a brazen and transparently defiant 4000 share sell at $1.23 to attack the pps when the BID-ASK is $1.28-1.29? Does that bother you guys? Let me tell you something - You guys let the MMs run the pps like it's the WILD WEST, there will be an aggregate effect that will severely severely hurt CUR at some point - Instead of going to new levels at which you can raise money efficiently by selling less shares at a higher price, CUR, despite such great efforts in a fundamental sense, gets mired in low level dilution while MMs make their money and cover themselves first. It's disgusting. The more astutely aware shareholders see what's taking place. It's a shame......Long CUR."

    Write to David. Let them know that CUR's story is NOT one specific MM's story.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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