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  • antiqcoll12 antiqcoll12 Jan 9, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    The News that came out said , CUR will have to Dilute Soon, the cash burn is way to High !!!


    This One is Going to Crash Soon !!!!!!!!!

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    • What "news" came out that said "Dilute Soon" (in capitals yet)? Are you talking about another idiotic post today on Seeking Alfalfa, from the NBS hypesters? These same bozos keep flogging their beloved NBS (which makes me wonder what's wrong with NBS, is it a dead horse?) and they love to knock CUR in order to hype their own stock. I love the way that guy couldn't even spell Lou Gehrig properly, among his inaccuracies. And he was either misinformed or deliberately misleading about CUR, as well as inaccurate and incomplete in his overall "analysis" of the sector. That egregious puff piece was not "news", despite Yahoo Finance treating all Seeking Alfalfa posts as such.

      So ok, one clueless shill for NBS claimed today that CUR will dilute soon, on the Seeking Alfalfa site, which has become nothing but a hype-n-bash forum for those with an agenda. Realize that whatever is posted on Seeking Alfalfa is not "news", nor is it necessarily accurate. SA is just a glorified version of these Yahoo Finance chat boards, and I wouldn't call what goes on here "news". Yesterday's presentation by the company itself did not suggest dilution soon, IMO. I'm so tired of people treating the garbage they see on Seeking Alfalfa as "news". I thought people learned their lesson after that "Maxim" attack last month. Take Seeking Alfalfa for what it is, a tout board, and a highly inaccurate, deliberately misleading one at that.

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    • lol
      You didn't do your homework boy?
      They have enough cash for all 2013.
      Furthermore, about the news that came out& cash:
      - In South Korea, it's entirely funded by a local company.
      - In Mexico, they are going to announce a partner that will take the entire cost of the developments.
      - In China, here CUR pays all of it b/c it's a strategic location. Mind you, that developing it in China costs about 10% of developing it in the US.
      - Continue to work on small molecules funded by DOD.
      - All experiments have been designed in the US and adhere to the FDA guidelines.

      Anymore bashing? Bring it on (only try to think of something more challenging :-) !

    • Hey antiqcool 12 your comments here in the board are so important, like a chinese on the chinese wall jumps ---

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    • anti man anti cokk go back in your hole...

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