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  • tipper3046 tipper3046 Feb 11, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

    $1.26 a share now with all that's known about Neuralstem -

    imho, CUR should be $12.60 a share now - with what they have accomplished thus far.
    What is it that "The Street" wants? - ALS & SCI patients doing head-stands & backflips following their initial stem cell surgeries? JEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!

    P.S. Good post by the 'brownlady143'.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The "STREET" wants blood and positioning before they allow a decent stock to rise in price ..
      There is no such thing as normal investing in the stock market . .
      "PLAYING" is the name that has been associated with the market and they know how to play it well ,having plenty of money and various connections to call fleecing the unaware , unsuspecting investor of what they consider a percentage of their money .
      They can see more information to make their decisions than any small investor can .
      It is almost like playing poker with some one who has their cards laid out face up on the table while the maniper's are holding them close to their chests . ..

      A well known and repeated phrase fits into the puzzle perfectly

      Still leaves CUR as a very good investment if you are willing to understand the time factor ..

      Sentiment: Buy

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