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  • tipper3046 tipper3046 May 28, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    I'll tell you what CUR's problem is pps-wise,

    NO PARTNER.......still! If everything is going along so swimmingly, trial-wise and otherwise, then where, OH WHERE are the partners with their big up-front monies, etc? Something's missing here, imo.....PERIOD.

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    • .... at this stage of development, especially with the safety study in place, a partner such as a big pharma would imho send shockwaves and speak volumes for the breakthrough future on this medical technology platform. A brave new world indeed... just how brave will the parties be to collaborate together? Lets get something done, address these very unmet medical needs, and "make that change".......

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    • The market cap of around $100m for CUR hasn't really changed since 2011. 48m shares at $2.25 in 2011 grew to 68m shares at $1.30 in 2012. (The current market cap is approximately $105m) Therefore, it is my opinion that the PPS problem isn't with the price but rather the number of shares. As long as we are only creating corporate value at a rate that matches share expansion.. the share price can't help but struggle.

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      • That's a good observation about the market cap not changing much since 2011, with the share price declining as the share count has risen. However, it's strange that the market would value CUR at roughly $100 million (or $100 million maximum market cap) in 2011, but see no increase in overall value since then.

        You've mentioned that if CUR only creates "corporate value" at a rate that matches the share price, the share price would struggle. I agree, but the market seems to be implying that CUR has created NO VALUE in the past two years (actually three years, going back to when CUR was last above $3/share). That seems impossible, given the studies and results carried forward, the alliances, etc. Today's company seems far ahead of the CUR of 3 years ago, so why shouldn't the market cap be higher?

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      • Well...lett's see. Since your benchmark year of 2011 the Company has shown in human clinical trials that their science not only is safe but fora significatnt percentage of the patients (that were earlier in the ALS disese progression) the procedure slowed down disease progression - and in Ted Harada's case - dramatically showed that he regained strength and physical capabilities. No other drug or procedure has ever come remotely close to anything like this. So, from my perspective the $100million market cap is 5-10 times too low - just valuing the prospects for CUR based on just ALS. There should be more value given in an investor's calculations for the laundry list of other treatmetnts that they are targeting:

        Cell Therapy Treatments in Development:

        Ischemic Stroke
        Spinal Cord Injury
        Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer)
        Multiple Sclerosis
        Optic Neuritis
        Alzheimer’s Disease
        Traumatic Brain Injury
        Peripheral Nerve Injury
        Diabetic Neuropathy
        Lysosomal Diseases
        Parkinson’s Disease
        Huntington’s Disease
        Cerebral Palsy
        Ischemic Spastic Paraplegia

        Drug Treatments in Development:

        Major Depressive Disorder
        Alzheimer's Disease
        Cognitive complication due to Diabetes
        Traumatic Brain Injury
        Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
        Anti-Aging (Nootropic)

        Read the website, download the recent presentations to get a sense of the progress that they are making. It is real and it is extraordinary for a company with less than 20 employees to do as much as they are doing. In my opinion, they probably need to bring in at least one more senior level scienties to help Dr. Johe and antoher high level exectuive to help Richard Garr to keep all oars rowing in the same direction and on pace.

        One partnership may bring in enough money to fund all of the operating requirements for this company and there may be no more "share expansion" if / when that happens.

        Good luck to patients and longs.

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    • They've got partners, to some extent. CJ CheilJedang in South Korea (spinal cord). BaYi Brain Hospital in China (ischemic stroke). Emory/Michigan/NIH in the USA (ALS). The US Army seed money (NSI-189 for traumatic brain injury and PTSD). Sure they could use some deep-pocketed partner like Pfizer on NSI-189, but that's probably not going to happen until the Phase 1b trial completes (end of June, results in Q3).

      I think the problem is that CUR is simply not on the radar of most investors. Plus many of those who do know it, may be lumping it with so many other stem-cell companies that seem to go nowhere, despite apparent promise. A lot of people still think it's 1999-2000, when stem-cell companies skyrocketed and then flamed out. Ever since then, they've been in a more "show me" mode than would otherwise be the case. So CUR will have to keep showing them. I agree, a deep-pocketed big-pharma partner would be helpful in showing them what they want to see. Still, CUR should be doing better than this (currently $1.40, unchanged on a day of specific positive news, and a day the DJIA is up 200), given the news and partnering they already have shown.

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      • The next big news, in my opinion , is early introduction of " (NSI-189 for traumatic brain injury and PTSD)" to all veterans .... because the the safety trials show that early intro is the key for better results.

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      • All good points, Alex - however, Garr did state this past December that he felt a partner/partners would happen "fairly soon" ..........with ALL that has happened in the last 12/18 months, you would think Garr & co. could ink a deal with a Mexican partner, at least , which he said they were pursuing since last year. So betwenn the relatively lackluster performance of our share price in this booming market environment and no news on the partnering front to date - it tends to get kinda frustrating at times........while our CEO travels to such far-away places as Barcelona and London on our dime, while the share price remains relatively far.

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