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  • alex1444 alex1444 May 30, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    The pullback ends here!

    $1.34 will be the low. Next stop, $1.80. By the way, I went to Matt Foley's motivational stock speech - what a rip-off. He was talking about the rats he lives with in his van, down by the river. Matt claimed he was going to grab the world by the tail, and put it in his pocket. But Matt hasn't added up to jack squat. All he does is roll doobies with the rats, while he's living in a van down by the river.

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    • Alex, you are good. :). I bought more right after your comments, didn't expect it shoot up so quick.

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      • Thanks hzhou2000, I read the chart and to some extent got lucky. I'm getting better at it, after 23 years of trading stocks. Trading today looked somewhat similar to what happened on May 15th, when it turned around, so I was mainly going with that. Plus I had been closely watching the tape ever since the ALS results were announced, plus the rat spinal cord study - I saw that big sell blocks were sitting in the market even prior to the news, they weren't removed in spite of the news (a mistake on their part IMO, but their choice) and those were weighing on the stock and frustrating shareholders into selling. Frustration seemed to peak at $1.34, so it seemed time for a turnaround. I'm glad to see that it was.

        Hopefully you bought because you liked the stock at that price though, not because of my comment. Like everyone, I have hits and misses. I had one sort of hit a couple of weeks ago, when I wrote that I thought ANV (US silver miner) was a falling knife but would go no lower than $7. It did go to $6.89, but is now above $8. However, a little over 2 years ago, I thought CELM (Chinese maker of small electric motors, listed as a reverse take-over) was a great buy around $3 just ahead of earnings (expected by the end of March 2011). But then they never delivered earnings, there was talk of scams and scandals. There were wholesale resignations and the stock stopped trading for a while. Now it's 7 cents! I still own the shares because I am too stubborn to sell those, even though they might not even be worth 7 cents. That was a very painful miss. So take that as a warning in listening to others, or maybe as a warning about China small cap RTOs. Your own decisions are best, so congrats on a well-timed buy here.

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    • razar1024 May 30, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

      So what is todays closing price? I am sure everyone would like to know.

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    • & we r suppose to believe 1.34 is the bottom here & its going to 1.80?

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      • You aren't supposed to believe it, it's just what's going to happen. Look at the trading over the past 3 months, look at the recent news, look at the impending, potential news.

        CUR had pulled back to $1.25/share (down from $1.42) on May 15. If I told you that was going to as low as it would go on that pullback, and that CUR would reach $1.59/share 2 days later, would I expect you to believe me? Of course not. Will CUR reach $1.80 (or let's say $1.79 for a one cent margin of error) within two trading days? No it won't. But I believe it will some time in June, probably the first half of June. And $1.80 is the next resistance point, but it could go as high as $2 by the end of July.

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