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  • ktajl ktajl Aug 23, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    How Hi?

    So I got my 12K shares holding since 2008/2009. Realistically how high can the sp go? Just dreamin...I have a history of holding shares to loss - mostly in telcom in 2000 Metro Media Fiber, Palm, and others...if this turns my trust will be vindicated!

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    • Realistically......I think that question depends on where the share price is on the day the news comes out. In addition, how good the news really is. I have been in CUR for YEARS. I have bought and sold while also accumulating at the same time. If it continues on its current track I would think it could be in the $1.90's to low $2's by the time is released in about November (give or take a bit).

      I think it is all how the news is worded. It can play out 3 ways.

      1) Bad News: If there is negative news that comes out of the NS-189 1B study I see the share price back in the $1.10 - $1.25 range. (news rated 3 or below out of 10)

      2) Middle of the road, not glowing but shows promise the share price stays fairly flat, maybe a small spike into the $2.30 - $2.50 but can't hold that price for very long. It will ultimately end up back in the $1.60ish range through the next catalyst which would be from news leaking out from the next phase of the ALS phase II study. (news rated 4 to 6ish out of 10)

      If either 1 or 2 happen there is not going to be any deal on the table partnership wise until after phase II and only if it is successful.

      3) Good results are a share holders dream for two reasons.

      A) The stock price by itself will be driven up on good news, should see mid $3's to 4's on the spike, settle back in mid $2's to high 2's.

      B) The second part of good news is the share price gets a second stage boost in the not so distant future from partnership rumors. This will ultimately pay off in a big way when it is announced that a partnership with a big pharma company is happening with up front money, better than $100M and mile stones that equal another $300M - $500M and costs to bring NS-189 to market. Going through Phase III and marketing. This type of news would potentially put the share price $10 - $15 share within 6 months of the announcement. Fund managers would start loading up around $7-$10 on partnership news an drive it into the mid teens.


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      • I hope we see the share price continue to tick up as news approaches. There may be a lot of selling off in October from long time share holders that want to take solid profits. This protects them against any kind of bad news from the NS-189 Ib study. So, we may see higher than normal share volume in late September and October due to profit protection. If you are looking for a last minute opportunity to buy in, this may be it. This should clear out the profit takers since there is no set date for results to be announced. I still think even the long time share holders will hold onto the majority of their shares in anticipation of (hoping for good news) of positive results.

        Just My .02

        Good Luck To All Patients, Their Families & Investors (especially longs)

    • Any good news from the clinical trials coming out? I'm looking forward for a new high.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How Lo?

      Hold and Accumulate more. Stay away from STEM. Many have ridden that dog from $12 down

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