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  • medtrust2 medtrust2 Oct 17, 2013 7:49 AM Flag

    Here's what will happen today to CUR

    Trade has been weak all week. Yesterday was particularly concerning given the stock market rally. We will open up flat, tick up a few pennies, and then begin to fade into the close, down maybe .10 by afternoon, and worsening after that. I'd say by Friday we approach or fall below the 50DMA. CUR appears to be breaking down on less than stellar results.

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    • medtrust...........Less then stellar results? You got to be kidding? I suspect you are accumulating and looking for cheap shares.

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    • Wow, all of your posts sound like you took one of those 1 hour seminars on how to invest and trade from Ameritrade or Scotts trade. Nice.

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      • My neighbor has a program that does a predictive analysis. It spits out this information on a stock. He actually had to go back to work because he believed and followed his programs. He only had $25,000 to start, which isn't bad but when you lose it all, you're done. I guess we have a lot of faith here too.

      • Actually Medtrust2 appears to have learned how to try to manipulate others into selling, when he wants to buy shares. Look at his prior posts, he actually loves CUR (in September he said he thinks its a $100/share stock). His TA is bogus as well - the present trend is up on CUR, not down. The more closes CUR has above $2.50, the better. CUR should reach the $3's by Halloween or soon after - that's just 2 weeks away. Which is a scary thought for Medtrust2, when he wants more shares (apparently he sold some or all of his shares too soon, and he wants them back at a cheap price).

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    • So you're apparently suggesting inside information is causing the recent weakness rather than simply cautious, relatively low-volume trading while results are awaited? I think the latter is more plausible.

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