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  • jbkenser jbkenser Feb 26, 2014 3:04 PM Flag

    If you guys want to make some money

    Just use the pattern that's been in cur the last month or so. If the stock goes up more than 3% on the day, short it because its guaranteed to give back everything the same day. I am laying this strategy out there in the hopes that it will end;)

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    • Just at the close, sell at the open.

    • I do not recommend that right now, unless you love gambling and have a lot of LUCK! It is already End of Feb, and good news is likely pop... I don't want to miss out when it breaks $3.90 and sets a new ground. I only consider that strategy at the first, down-turning point right after the high peak that is created by minimum 5-days of Up-Trend and is considered the new highest peak like we saw from $1.60 to $2.72 (then alternating $2.20~$2.60) or $2.50 to $3.74 (then alternating $3.00~$3.60), while we are not expecting any news, soon...

      Like Alex mentioned, the Pennant (or tapering) is 99.99% completed. We formed a new standing ground at $3.50, which likely help to shoot up. So~~~

      You can do whatever you want with your $, but that's aweful a lot of risk to take at this current moment... The best safe, smart strategy right now is HOLD patiently or BUY in (but cautious amount).

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      • Rok I agree that shorting CUR or even selling CUR here is probably not wise. Technically speaking, I believe that the pennant formation ended last Wednesday or Thursday (the pennant that was started at the very end of 2013). CUR has been in an up-leg since the end of that pennant, though it has had some volatile up-and-down moves within that. The up-leg should continue until well into March. I've been saying since September 30 of last year (when CUR closed at $2.71) that the share price was likely to reach $4-5 before the end of March 2014, and I still believe that to be true.

        I think JB was saying "if you want to make some money...", well he, you, I, and the rest of us aren't looking to make "some" money here, we want to make a lot more than just "some" money. I did sell a decent number of shares when CUR first reached $3 last year, but that was merely out of a profit taking discipline. I am fully expecting my remaining shares to approach $10 before the end of 2015. And a spike well above $10 would not surprise me in the next 2 years, but such a move would require something of a mania at that point, IMO. From the beginning of 2016 through the end of 2020, certainly $30-50/share is reachable, but that's quite a way off and will likely require a lot more "proof" of CUR's technology/products.

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      • I think you missed my sarcasm.. I wouldn't short this stock ever, but it has been a reliable intraday pattern for quite some time.

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