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  • charttrendzz charttrendzz Mar 30, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    How big is NSI-189...

    Two of the top 5 selling drugs in 2013 were the following two antidepressants.

    1 Abilify $6,460,215,394
    5 Cymbalta $5,219,860,418

    NSI189 could be mega huge if it gets a piece of this pie. What I'm wondering is if the drug companies will let it get to the market as is, if it can be a potential cure.

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    • Who will be the partner for NSI-189? Novartis?

    • AVNR has an FDA approved drug, Neudexta, that treats depression in a different way. It's a big pie and may be enough to go around. But, there are other players.

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      • Neudexta consists of the amount of dextromethorphan you can get in 4 over-the-counter cough drops plus 1/20th of the smallest dose of quninidine (which has been used to treat irregular heart beat since the 1750s) commercially available. Those capsules probably cost a dime to make, and a month's supply goes for $600. The problems with Neudexta are that it is entirely too easy to copy, the effects only last for about a year, and it's still just a treatment, not a cure.

    • I agree. NSI-189 is a completely new way to treat depression. ALL the other drugs are SSRI drugs. NSI-189 is the new paradigm for depression treatment (if it works). If it does works the off label use could be huge. SSRI's alone are $13 billion per year market. The risk/reward is worth it IMHO.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I may be wrong, but I don't believe Abilify nor Cymbalta has any off label use. OTOH, NSI-189 should have a huge market for anti-aging and/or smart drug use by patients that do not have any neurological condition. That market alone will make it a blockbuster drug.

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      • I'm not so sure about using NSI-189 to make normal people smarter. Bigger is not always better--neanderthals actually had larger brains than modern humans, and the hippocampus is larger than normal in autistic patients. And there are bound to be side effects that are at least tolerable for someone with a serious or fatal disease and no other options, but not for otherwise healthy individuals.

        That said, Abilify and Cymbalta only treat the symptoms of MDD, and can have some pretty nasty side effects. NSI-189 is the first drug that has the potential to actually cure MDD at the source, such that therapy--and side effects--can in theory be discontinued after a few months. And that's not even addressing the potential for treating ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's and a host of other conditions. I don't like hoopla, but this drug has the potential--and I emphasize POTENTIAL because at this stage, it's nothing more than that--to utterly transform neurology. Especially if it is found to work synergistically with NSI-566.

    • Apparently it works, and better than the above. So bottom line, what are we looking at, $50/share for NSI189 alone?

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