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  • cur33300 cur33300 Apr 29, 2014 6:10 PM Flag

    No Worries

    CUR was up for 5 straight months before April. No stock go's straight up. Opened at $2.90 on January 2nd. Put in perspective, a pretty nice gain already. Getting ready for next leg up.

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    • I agree. The stock is going down because of a general deflation of the biotech sector and the lack of news from the company. The market is responding to technicals and investor herd mentality. The market doesn't follow patient blogs or casual positive remarks by investigators; it responds to PR announcements that make headlines. As of now, no company has a stem cell or neurogenic drug product on the market or even a clear horizon for when one can be approved for the market, so speculators who read only headlines are wary. None of this concerns long-term CUR investors because we know that amazing progress has already been made, and is snowballing. The science is solid and it is working, and this downturn is probably the best buying opportunity we will ever have

      Good science keeps investor and public relations at arm's length. Scientists are trained to be skeptical and abhor hoopla because it distorts reality, leads to unrealistic expectations, and undermines the confidence of their colleagues in their findings. The lead investigator on NSI-566 is a former president of the American Neurological Association, and the lead investigator on NSI-189 is a Harvard professor and vice chair of psychiatry at Mass General. People of that caliber don't risk their reputations by presenting half-baked data or unsupported speculation. They will announce their findings soon enough, and those who follow this thread know that it will be positive. Better still, because some of us (like me) follow the investigators daily through the online National Library of Medicine, we will know--and announce to the rest of you--when the publications of CUR studies are epublished ahead of print. Six weeks or so later, when the print version comes out, then the headlines will come. But we'll already be expecting and prepared for the news.

      No worries indeed!

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      • I was drawn to CUR because I had MDD. Seeing all the horrible diseases they are helping with now and in the future makes me very happy to be associated with this company. Human nature being what it is I check the pps daily, but am never fazed by these small moves either way. Most good things in this life don't come fast or easy and I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for the great things that are ahead for CUR and it's patients. GLTA!

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    • What a good reminder, I just looked at the monthly chart. Since February 2013 which was a red month, closing the month at $1.06, we've come a long way. October 2013 was our next red month, closing at 2.23. And on to April 2014, our next red month, closing tomorrow at ___? Today's close at 3.74 is a 352% gain from the $1.06 close in February 2013. We are testing the lower support of the rising channel on the monthly chart, which is a very steep advance, without having left the channel. Good chart, great stock, May will be a rising candle month, I'm holding my shares purchased December 23rd at 2.55.

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      • OK, so the month of April 2014 was a tough month for CUR longs, the stock lost 1.09 from its high of 4.69 and closed at 3.60. But it held within the rising channel (of the monthly chart) that began in April 2013. May 2013 was a big month for CUR, seeing 30% growth in the share price closing end of month at 1.52. We have more than doubled in that time. If May 2014 shows similar percentage gains, we will see 1.08 tacked onto the share price giving us 4.68. April had the second half of the biotechnology sector correction that began in March. We had no bad news, just didn't have any PR's of note from the Company. Let's hope we get follow through in May, continuation of the uptrend. Good luck longs!

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