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  • aes66 aes66 May 14, 1999 10:38 AM Flag

    Good news

    Istn will be featured in the RED CHIP Review on
    May 17 ......could do something for this
    stock......Also....I guess those rumors about a spinoff of ISTN's web
    site business is coming getting hotter....from what I
    have seen posted on other sites...If they do
    that.....this should make this stock fly......T

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    • Makeitrare, your question is a good one. Does anyone know if they use the same acctg practice as Warrantec? Also the WTECE board is full of rumors regarding a buyout by ISTN - comments?

    • I've been watching this stock for a while now ...
      and, in my opinion, it has gone too low to resist
      buying. I'm accumulating from here, and I suggest longs
      dollar cost average down. It won't be this cheap for

    • Any chance they will end up with the same accounting issue with respect to expensing the insurance premiums as their competitor up the street?

    • The overhang issue with this company is their
      exposure to underwriting losses. They are simply not a
      pure fee based TPA, which is a much simpler financial
      model. As a risk taker, they fall into the insurance
      arena, but really do not have the skills/credibility to
      work the analyst community in this area, which is
      highly specialized.

      When they terminated a block
      of dealers a few quarters back, they alluded to poor
      underwriting performance, but other than flat sales, their
      results did not really reflect underwriting weakness.
      Investors are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      As to cash, they do not have free use of the number
      often quoted. Nonetheless, they do have a decent amount
      of their own cash (from the IPO, subsequent warrant
      exercise and earnings - something like $10 million), but
      some of this could be eaten by underwriting losses.

    • Down to a new 52 week low. is there something we
      dont know? earnings are due in like 2 weeks..early
      september if i am not mistaken...i cant wait to see them
      and I hope they have a conference call.

      would figure the company would do something about this
      beating the stock is bout buying shares or
      something geez...

    • I emailed this company and asked the President
      about the cash figure, which is correct (don't worry
      about "amortized cost"), where eps are going, and why
      the stock is barely up since its IPO a few years
      back. Their response was substandard to say the least.
      With no Investor Relations firm, stricter underwriting
      standards that are good for safety but will hurt near term
      eps, and the poor answers that management gave me, I
      have grown quite despondent as a shareholder. Maybe
      the best we can do is push management to come clean
      with what's going on.

    • Keep in mind that some, if not all or most, of
      the $10 per share in cash is "at risk" for claims and
      future administrative costs. The financials do not give
      any value to these liabilities.

      Don't get too
      excited about the $10.

    • This stock has how much cash per share???
      Somewhere near 10 bucks if I am not mistaken???? Can
      someone verify this? I am not too sure.... The 10Q says
      "Treasuries At Cost" does this mean the figure may be
      different if not calculated "at cost"?

    • Well...its about time this stock to get hot.....I hear rumors of good news...but nothing yet....but I see this stock going past $10 a share by November 20.....I am patient....T

    • Keep it simple with this site ^^^

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