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  • JustTheFactz JustTheFactz May 14, 1999 12:36 PM Flag

    Good news

    I've heard the rumors of web site IPO are more reality than rumor. Just my two sense.

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    • Yes....I agree....the web site IPO (car sales)
      etc... is now in the works...more than just
      rumor..investment bankers are handling it...seems that its rather
      public knowledge...except for the price of the IPO..but
      I understand its public stated by the CEO
      as "in the plans" Buying as much as I it lasts.......T

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      • Subj: RE: IPO
        It does not appear to me
        anything is public

        Date: 6/4/99 3:05:10 PM Central
        Daylight Time
        From: (Judy
        To: BReed59@AOL.COM ('')

        The Company has not
        made any anouncements concerning the issuance of our
        securities. Thank you for your interest.
        Chester J.

        Wednesday, June 02, 1999 10:49 PM
        Subject: IPO

        There are rumors of your company
        offering an IPO. Are the rumors true, public
        and if so where can I find some information about it.