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  • abrahamabbe abrahamabbe Nov 12, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    How and why KATX shareholders will never bow to the intimidation and manipulation of the some sleazy Market Makers.

    Some MMs are still living in the Sixties and Seventies. That "snatch and laugh" scheme is an archaic and rusty scam. They used greed and revenge to attack us, because they were upset that we didn't just close down. They were very angry that the criminality of their colleagues was openly revealed and that ticked them off A LOT!!! They tried desperately to slander our CEO, Ken Stead.

    The truly meticulous investigators of the SEC will get to the causes(s) of the strangely repressed price of KATX which, in spite of numerous good and encouraging reasons to climb upwards, was constantly forced down. Many of us know the causes of our peculiar stagnation, but it’s time to sit back and watch how the professional examiners from the SEC determine exactly what has been going on, while so many of us invested tens of thousands in a company with great promise.

    More importantly, we invested in KATX not just because we liked its CEO Ken, but also because factually, our company was producing many core samples, extracted from our properties at great expense (it took months) and those cores contained all the proof we needed to add to our KATX portfolios based on the encouragement built on those findings. In fact, usually a only a few of many core samples contain precious metals, but our 12 core samples all were successful! Yes, 12 out of 12 core extractions, contained various precious metals, so therefore, we were not just gambling, we were looking directly at our fantastic findings! Again they tried to scare our investors away by maligning and insulting Kenneth Stead, but that too didn't work. Our longs held on with an iron grip and even bought more KATX! Those core findings were amazing, clear evidence!

    Then, mysteriously and peculiarly, our price per share went DOWN instead of up! Many were shocked at the unfounded decline! We did not hear rumors of our findings; that is a phenomenon many companies throw out, just to sell more shares. No, we, the KATX shareholders, saw the actual cores rods! We were given photos and close ups of the content of those core rods, and we were not looking at hearsay, we saw the real deal!

    Besides greed, could revenge based on old reported criminality have been the motivating factor behind this blatant stock manipulation??!!

    Now, we can watch while the SEC professionals get to work.

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