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  • alansnowcross alansnowcross Nov 24, 2012 7:12 PM Flag

    These are (Gump90, Eelfland, Bear Raider, B402, louieforpar, David Fowler , Binks, Eddie) PAID BASHERS


    Why does their opinion matter? 8 ID's one man or two - thousands of attack posts - Always negative day after day - Yet they(he) believes they are authorities? Once Gump thought a claim was three hundred miles from the actual place. Lie after Lie - one ID lies/ misrepresents they follow lock step.
    Why do they post? They HATE this company yet every day like punching in they attack. Sounds suspicious - IT IS!! They are paid attack ID''s paid by Market Makers to move stocks - VERY ILLEGAL! - Beware they are not on the Net to enlighten/ Help anyone!!

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    This topic is deleted.
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    • eelfland, louieforpar, eiddle, binks,
      all you bashers, stop hiding behind the dictatorship, come here and post,
      what are you afraid of ?

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    • binks & eiddle, and many bashers are hiding behind the iflub house like little mouse,
      they won't dare to come here & slander.
      They are afraid of exposure.

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    • gump announced holy war against [katx] and KEN"S brothers.
      The reasons I don"t know.

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    • Yes, Alansnowcross they are ill and need of assistance because they suffer from WM and DOG.
      I once commented that they are similar to someone standing in a super market (a stock blog /post site), for yearS, and complain (negatively posting) every day even though they buy nothing. After a FEW WEEKS, other shoppers (shareholders) look at them and chuckle to themselves.
      However, after YEARS of doing that, other shoppers consider them to be what they are. They are paid to defame, and malign both the stock and its officers, and they even disparage others from buying there also. This entire post will not go into the topic of SHORTING because that requires a longer, more detailed comment.
      Would an absolute #$%$ spend a considerable amount of time from their life's few years on Earth, just to remain there and insult and bash? Yes.
      However, we are talking about ordinary, typical people who were unable to be successful in other areas. They therefore found a "job" getting paid by a truck driver delivery service (Market Makers), to deliberately ridicule and belittle a stock that their puppet masters order them to slander. Getting paid to manipulate stock prices for a Puppet Master (Market Maker) who camouflages himself to appear as a mere middle man representing various stocks. He tries desparately to look like an impartial broker. It is illegal however to manipulate stock prices, and it is referred to as, "fraud."
      I didn't, don't and won't get paid in any way at all for my sincere and powerful positive position on this KATX stock which has been the victim of VERY numerous attacks to keep the stock manipulated to low pps.
      (Oh by the way, “WM” means Weak Mentality and DOG stands for “Delusions of Grandeur.”)

      My position: Accumulate and hold on tightly.

    • They will not posting 24/7 for nothing.

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    • Those bashers surely are abusing their power as mods at the iflub house.
      Here they have no place to hide.
      So many small business became victims to their slandering, just terrible.
      By the way, where's kadn hiding ?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thank you Alansnowcross! Would they ever allow your post on IHUB?? Of course not!
      Would they ever allow my post now, on IHUB?? Of course not!
      There are a few other stocks that had this "problem" which used to be totally ignored by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
      Finally, after many calls, emails, letters and face to face meetings, we now not only have an ongoing investigation, we also have quiet (the best a police detective arriving on a scene with no siren wailing), surveillance and monitoring, to help in the collection of the basher's own self destructive evidence.
      Using a son’s inability to grab mineable land that was already purchased legally years ago, the father is still busy showing off to the son how he doggedly continues to attempt "revenge."
      However, the truth is simple…someone got there too late to buy the property. By launching endless attacks, the “avenger” has still failed to hide his own guilt at not having bought the property in time, and he has incriminated himself in other schemes which were not even known at first. Guilt marches on!
      Hey Mr. Basher, scores of people are watching and unlike a basher’s juvenile attempts to create new names, those watchers are not aliases, they are real people.
      More importantly however, a few well chosen official monitors are collecting records daily.
      A “thank you” is due to the perp. “Thanks for keeping people employed.”

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