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  • abrahamabbe abrahamabbe Jan 20, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    The GUMP's obstinate and false bravado is what brought down many and while he still continues, so will the payback.

    This SEC problem did not begin to form two and a half years ago, when he slandered the CEO of our KATX company! No, this began even more than three years ago. But all our complaints and warnings were ignored even back then.
    Many of us will not just stand by and watch while someone purposely attacks and defames our company’s leader constantly. Did he and his buddies really think that that he would go on forever bashing to manipulate and fraudulently short and bring down tens of millions of shares?
    That is exactly why we warned the GUMP and his family’s company two and a half years ago. Even back then, he was overdoing his act and he could have withdrawn from his basher role and come to a full stop.
    But no, his ego wouldn't allow him to face the reality of how he was about to hurt himself, his family’s company and some of the hub people he put on his show for, and the Market Maker we all know. He could only think of himself.
    It was a real and fair warning. I didn’t even have to write to him at all. But I did, and he just didn’t want to take it seriously, even though he had been warned to stop long before the warning letter! In other words, three years ago he already ignored all calls to reason and he showed his arrogance through slander and cursing and lies. Others wrote and also warned, and they too didn’t have to write anything, but they did.
    Nevertheless, I still sent him the warning letter (you can see the letter on this Yahoo Finance KATX board labeled under the topic, “The GUMP was warned through his family because he didn't stop after being warned on his own!”)
    However, it was COMPLETELY ignored. How could he stop his daily show? Like a drug addict, he went back on stage daily, completely ignoring the fact that there were OTHERS to consider. Those OTHERS are now in hot water because of his ego. They blame us for their problems. They will never blame him and they will not look in the mirror.
    Today, he is still trying to stir anger and even revenge by continuing on his mad ego rush like a lemming racing to the cliff. Yes, even today. No one can shut him up and that will mean even more problems.
    This too, will be ignored and not taken seriously. He just maintains focus on one thing…They will never send a man in his eighties to prison.
    Again, he obviously is totally not concerned with the OTHERS he will bring down. His ego show and the results of his ongoing false bravado, mid to late stages of dementia, delusions of grandeur, and an overly inflated ego, will go on, and, as a direct result, SO WILL OTHER ACTIONS, because they don't realize what he has caused, is still causing, and will cause, or, maybe they just don't have the ability to stop him.

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