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  • mapp78 mapp78 Feb 20, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Ducci, $350,000.00

    That's a lot of income to report, $350,000.00 for half of 2012 alone.
    How about 2011 ? over $600,000.00 ??

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    • abrahamabbe,
      excellent posting.
      God Bless. Now Strong Buy !!

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    • Since the poster with dementia and delusions of grandeur still insists on posting (after all, he probably will say he has freedom of speech), this forces the next step up in how the old time and continuing criminal set up the fraud against KATX and the Stead family.
      The Market Maker was approached by the Dump!!!
      The hub place execs were approached by the Dump!!!
      The basher is the Dump!!!
      Just like he never believed it was important to stop bashing and plotting, so he continued and now finds how many people have been brought down through his criminal conniving and larcenous conspiracy creations.
      He is the one who got them interested.
      No, it's not the other way around!
      They are still complicit, but they thought, "Hey this old criminal might have a good idea!"
      They never thought he would ruin them also by not informing them that he was slipping, careless, and leaving information all over in his false assumptions that the entire world was tricked and fooled by his super-incredible-genius plots.
      So, after that letter I sent to his son's company 35 months ago, warning them that the father was losing it and that he would soon be losing it for OTHERS also, it showed true negligence on their part.
      Now we are in a similar situation where he continues to post (freedom of speech).
      HOWEVER, since he relies on freedom to post, but doesn't respect other people freedom to invest their money, the next stage will have to begin.
      Of course, there is still a possibility that he will relent, and then so will others.
      But, seeing the stubborn attitude combine with the huge ego and the dementia, i highly doubt any withdrawal.
      There is a big difference this time.
      Thirty five months is too long to wait for stage two to begin.

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    • Great info!
      So let me see…six hundred thousand plus three hundred and fifty thousand equals $950,000.00 that we know about. Now the authorities are very upset with the greed, and extremely angry with the fraud.
      It's important to post what you wrote!! Thank you!
      It shows how much it is worth to a Market Maker, and to the host of the posting board, to get people to drop a stock or to sell off large amounts of it. Once it gets low enough, the Market Maker can then collect fraudulent “gains,” by finally making a profit from all the millions of shares he illegally shorted on purpose. Then, he can turn around and buy the same stock and get some more profit when the stock begins to rise again. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they do that same trick with the same bashers with many other stocks on many other boards! So their plan is to make money illegally while the stocks is manipulated to fall, and then to make more money when they manipulate it to rise. Since they are the MARKET MAKERS, they make sure it goes down after they short it, and then they make sure it goes up when they buy it, and again and again, and the same for other stocks.
      How much is that worth?
      It is worth enough to the criminal Market Maker to allow a basher like Davey to make close to a million dollars and he is just a low basher. The basher is sitting at the bottom of the garbage can in the rot and decaying leftovers of the dreams they crushed. The REAL money goes to the big boys who love manipulation and greed and are willing to risk a slap on the wrist here and there and a few petty fines. BUT, they seem to have made a few mistakes. However, even though they are ON TOP, they are on top of the garbage.
      Their main mistake was to have allowed a foul mouthed old criminal to overact and overpost and overdo his dementia-filled postings to the point of disgusting and angering shareholders to take the actions we are now witnessing.
      Even when I warned him two and half years ago, without ever “informing” any authorities, it just wasn’t enough to stop him. He couldn’t hold himself back and he couldn’t tell them because they would consider stopping to pay him.
      Delusions of grandeur and an overblown ego, forced him to post and post and continue to spill secrets we were not supposed to have learned. He gave his fellow criminals away, by failing to understand what “humility” really means.
      He posted himself and them to death. And they actually let him do it because he even tricked and deceived them.
      Their other obvious mistakes are for a different coming post.

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    • capital gain tax is only 15%, not bad. May go up this year.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Lots of income from slandering .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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