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  • abrahamabbe abrahamabbe Feb 27, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    The following letter was sent 35 months ago (yes, THIRTY-FIVE MONTHS ago) about how KATX was attacked.

    I sent this email to Mr. Salaken Head of a company named, Goldcliff on Saturday, September 4, 2010, 8:27 PM. This gentleman, was working with Mr. Sanders, the son of the one who uses the handle, GUMP90. The idea was to alert the son to how his father was going to be counter attacked for the deceitful lies he posted against KATX, unless GUMP90 would stop his bashing of our stock. At that time I did not yet know about the other companies he was bashing also.
    In other words, I was giving a warning that they should try to stop GUMP90 and they would have two weeks to try to shut him up.
    The purpose for the Gump’s slanderous posts, was to make shareholders afraid of holding their shares and get them to sell their shares. This would make the stock price go down and that is how the Market Maker and others made money. They gained profits through that illegal manipulation of deliberately posting lies through the basher-poster. Then, they would bet the sock would drop in price by shorting millions of shares of KATX. Anyway, here is that letter from three years ago…
    Dear Sir,
    Ordinarily, I would not even bother to let you know who is interfering with your business. However, when that same person causes me and a few of my friends to suffer monetary losses and to even sell our positions in our company, based on purposely deceptive and false information and innuendo posted maliciously to cause panic selling, it is my obligation to come forward not for your benefit, but for mine and for my friends. We have all been watching this twisted approach to get people to sell their shares in order to manipulate a lower price per share.
    It is known as stock manipulation and that is not considered to be cute under the law, both in Canada and in the U.S.A.
    Therefore, I am asking you to influence that poster to stop perpetrating his see-through attacks aimed at purposely lowering the pps of our company KATX.
    When Gump90 attacks our interests, we will not sit back and frown. We will act.
    Specifically, a class action lawsuit is being strongly considered by more than 12 of us and even more have expressed interest and certainly concern, over the practice you have either condoned or encouraged or ignored. He and others have not been too careful or cautious in the posts they left. Since some say that person is blood relative of an officer in your company, it should be a top priority interest in your present agenda, to investigate this matter FULLY. Those very posts have now been gathered and unfortunately for them and possibly for you, they have stepped over the line in many ways, and in many posts, although he most probably thinks there is no culpability.
    You were already told about this long ago.
    This is not a threat. This is the email of a person who directly and indirectly also represents many others who have suffered losses as a DIRECT result of the vindictive and vengeful attacks against our company and no one is stopping him.
    Your crucial and vital attention would help not only us, but very probably would be beneficial to you as well. Your prompt attention and reaction will demonstrate your desire to bring these matters to a full stop; repeat, "full stop."
    Thank you for your attention, and enjoy pleasant trading during the next two weeks.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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