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  • sonnnnnnnnnnnn sonnnnnnnnnnnn Jan 24, 2007 9:44 AM Flag

    Shorts are covering!!Dividend and with

    a buy-out this summer (07) this stock will be over $25.00/share soon!!

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    • Thank you Jim. I totally agree that NYB has righted its wrong and will be on the upside from here on in. I do not see any downside to this bank and I can't understand why some posters just keep looking for ways to slam this bank no matter HOW good they do!
      There will be no buyout of this bank....not as long as Joe is running the show.

    • I guess I can answer that question for you...

      First, no one prefer's a devaluation in the stock. Current div is propable what's keeping this stock at 16ish these days. If a div cut occured, it would more than likely push these shares downward, though it would help to the comany to build tangible equity a lot more quickly making the company a candidate for a sale.

      Second, most people here, including myself, believe the company will slowly right itself without touching the dividend...which is paying us to wait. It also keeps the idea of a takeover as a distinct possibility given NYB's solid loan portfolio of multi family homes, on top of the fact that a bank looking to purchase NYB could save a bundle of cash by doing away with the NYB div after a purchase....which hopefully would be a premium to today's prices.

      Third, I'll take a dividend at this rate over interest from savings or a cd any day. Preferential tax treatment to dividends make your real rate of return quite a bit higher than that on interest.

      Well, that's about it in a nutshell. I wish everyone here the best of luck.


    • Perhaps I appear somewhat nieve-and I know a lot of wise guys will remark-- but why would you prefer a devaluation of the stock to "preserve" the dividend?= Why dont you invest in a cd or some such instrument, where your "dividend" is secure?

    • unfortunately no fed cut coming the only cut will be our dividend and hopefully its in the stock price.

    • And YOUR prediction oh mighty one??
      For NYB & superbowl.

    • There will be NO buyout of this bank. It will not be necessary since earnings will rise steadily and eventually surpass $35 a share. How do I know this? The same way I knew the divy was to stay at .25 and the same way I told you all that Fic will bring this bank back & above to where it once was!

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