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  • joethebalognawhisperer joethebalognawhisperer May 21, 2009 6:12 PM Flag


    Voting time is coming....let's send joey boy a message....
    vote no for joe.
    vote no for the directors.
    vote no for all management incentive plans.imho all are totally overpaid and lack vision, creativity and capability.
    hey kolef, are you going to "load up"? I see you're trying to get everyone to load up. I'm certain they will. After all,you've given all of us such great insight and advice over the years, and of course you've been right on target with value opinions on this stock. Ha ha ha sure can spin a good tale can't you you little storyteller! I'm certain everyone will take a day off just to count piggy bank coins so they can buy more of this pig swill, especially since you point out all the positives for doing so.

    that being said, i believe this can be a good stock someday. The company must shed the ceo and lots of management and directors too. Can't wait to vote...

    joe must go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hey shorty why noy stand in front of a speeding truck?

      I'm sure a paluka like you could do better?

      F off a hole!

    • Just checking in....another down day?

      looks like this years vacation will be at the sewer treatment plant again.

    • joethebaloney:

      You don't bother me. I will continue to participate and engage in any message post discussion on NYB, that you would like to talk about. I too, like you, am losing money on some of my "long-term" holding shares, as far as stock price cost basis. On balance, I have made much money on short term trading of NYB, as well as on the quarterly dividend income, so I am not bitter, like you seem to be.

      I speak for myself for sure, and perhaps for the other NYB message posters, wnen I say that everyone would like you to engage in intelligent and reasoned discussion on NYB and it's management. Too simply spit out accusations and innuendo on NYB, without one scintilla of evidence, to prove your point(s), is irresponsible and makes no one give you any respect or credence.

      Yes, the stock price of NYB, has done lousy since Sept of 2008 to the present. However, look at the stock prices of other companies in their space, such as HCBK, PBCT, AF, VLY, and you will see similar "lousiness" in or of their stock price. Yes, since the CEO Ficalora's "interest rate debacle" in 2004, the stock has not recoverd, to it's original growth prospects. You have points and have made them repeatedly.

      My answer to your concern (lousy stock price), is to buy more shares, of what I feel is an undervalued company, that pays a great dividend, and I am lowering my cost basis, and I am getting paid (dividend income) to wait for this to happen. I am buying more, because I like NYB's business model and I trust management, and I like their underwriting conservative bias.

      What is your answer to the low stock price besided "throw the bums out?" Whay are you not buying more shares at these low prices?

      Additionally, your ad hominem attacks (my big head because of my arrogance, etc..) simply suggest that you can't or won't argue the merits of your points but instead, will attack me personally. Again, I don't mind you and you don't bother me, so write all you want. But make a valid and reasoned point, not just simply "throw the bums out."

      By the way, NYB's stock price was up today, not down, as you inadvertently stated.

    • The stock is down again today. Tell me why again? The only ones outmaneuvered are the stock holders.

    • Joethebaloney:

      Go ahead and sell your shares (it's like take two aspirins and call me in the morning), you will feel better in the morning!

      Otherwise, please leave this message board for other posters who post intelligent and well-substantiated comments (both postive and negative) about NYB.

      How many times will you and can you post the same message about "throw out the bums," simply because you happen to be losing money and won't buy more shares?

      When you sell your shares you will feel better in the morning. Go ahead, do it, you will feel better.

    • Hey dummy, put the crackpipe down and stop talking like a horses pitoot. No celebrating for you either meathead - the stock is still in the crapper - no one is interested in your long winded explanations why this management team is great as we watch the stock price decline.

    • Joethebaloney:

      All of your questions were answered sufficiently. Simply put, "you have no time to write back," because you have no substance to your accusations.

      Yes, NYB's stock price has not done well, but the dividend has been paid for over 5 years, without fail. Go look at any other bank stock in the same or similar space, and see how well or how bad their stock price had performed.

      You are losing money and simply want your money back. I understand. So... either buy more NYB stock and lower your cost basis or sell your shares and use the proceeds to buy another stock that can "get you your money back," and please buy a stock that will give you the "non-public unregulated audit integrity statements," that you are supposedly seeking from NYB.

      If you buy another stock, let us know whether the management of "new stock" that you buy is reading your message posts and acting on your advice, since no one on this message board is.

    • joethebalognawhisperer joethebalognawhisperer May 26, 2009 10:58 AM Flag

      Kolef, no time to respond to your misinterpretations. Suffice it to say i disagree with you particularly when you support your argument by using old statistics. You obviously chose to pontificate instead of answering my questions directly.

    • Koleffstep:

      Wow! What a great educational opinion. Someone finally writes an articulate piece of information that appears to understand NYB well.
      There is so much crap written on these boards that it's a waste of time to refer to them. This , by Koleffstep, is the exemption. Thanks.

    • I really don't see it being bought. I was just interested in other people's opinion. I'd like to see it get to 14, then I'd sell, take a modest profit, and move on to soemthing else.

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