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  • good_old_bob good_old_bob Jan 18, 2005 7:02 PM Flag

    Less politics; more SNH; I 2 Guilty

    Thanks fo the thoughts.

    You might look at FUN. If traveling gets more expensive, people will frequent local amusement parks. Also look at PFACP. Very steady dividend and low risk.

    In the area of health care, try HQH or HQL, for the quarterly capital gains dividend. Also PMH for a fed tax-free dividend. Demographics are in favor of healthcare funds.

    If you like oil and gas, what do think about DMLP? It is 70% gas and 30% oil all US based. Yield is all return of capital and eventually taxed as capital gains when DMLP is sold.

    I have also been buying global funds such as AWF, EFL, GDF, and TEI for the dividend. I think that foreign markets may do better than ours due to our horrible balance of payments and dollar devaluation that is very likely in the next year or two. You can collect %6-%9 dividend while you wait.

    Maybe I'll pick up some more SNH when the bleeding stops. Consider ATAXZ, MMA, or CHC for a nice fed tax-free dividend.

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    • As these are funds HQH, HQL are they traded as stocks? Also, what is the downside to buying an 8% return? I started to look at these and they appear to be fairly stable over these last few years.

      Thanks in advance for your info.

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      • HQH and HQL are both closed-end funds (traded just like stocks). Neither are leveraged and both currrently trade at or near the NAV. The downside is that they are traded. According to "" they are both very low risk (61-62) rating. If you want something in health-care even lower risk (rating 29) but lower dividend (4.6% tax free), try PMH.

        I own hqh and pmh. I don't own hql since it is almost a duplicate of hqh. I don't know why both exist.

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