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  • dividendseeker dividendseeker Apr 10, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    How is Management

    I have been watching this REIT for a short time and it looks like a great play on the aging US population. I havent been following it long enough though to get a good feel for how good the management is. Thats were you come in my fellow investors. Let me know your opinions on how well this management team is.

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    • Do a search on recent news for Commonwealth REIT (CWH) and note that the management of SNH is essentially the same as that of CWH (along with GOV and SIR). All are externally managed by REIT Management & Research LLC. After you've read about this, you can make your own decision about management.

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      • After the activist shareholders get done with CWH the stock will more than likely move to the 35 dollar range---not a bad deal for the common shareholder who has enjoyed price appreciation during the past 12 months plus a nice dividend. When the activist get done with SNH the stock price will probably move to the same 35 dollar range. If management is bad they will be replaced to the benefit of the shareholder. The bottom line is the company has a very well diversified portfolio in an area of healthcare that will continue to grow for years to come. I own the stock for the past two years and anticipate owning it for years to come. What is happening at CWH is a good thing for SNH---either the Portnoy's make moves to eliminate or reduce the conflicts of interest of face the loss of control of their company. Common shareholders should do well, imho.

      • Snh was a spin-off from hrpt, symbol hrp, a number of years ago. Hrpt has since changed its name to commonwealth. I've still got some snh hanging around somewhere off that spin-off. No longer have commonwealth, have been in and out of that one in cycles, last time in at around 19 and added down to 15, sold out at 22-23 and keep an eye on the current fight.

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