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  • ieattrashdaily ieattrashdaily Mar 11, 2002 8:41 PM Flag


    I went back and reviewed your most recent 10 or so posts. It appears that anytime someone says anything negative about the officers of WCNX, especially if it is regarding the dilution of value by cashing in on options, you jump to their defense and call names. Sounds like you take personal offense to those criticisms. Could it be you are one of the officers that cashes in his options? Just wondering.........

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    • the one and only gandalf is GOD!!!!!!!!!!lol

    • You and the trash eater are a piece-of-work. No substance in your posts and there never will be.

      I have previously stated I sold most of my WCNX and I am holding the rest based on a "gut feel" there is a run up to $40 remaining. Simply a "gut feel" based on my expectations. I basically made enough from the run from $11 to $30+ that I can sit back and play a gut feel with the few remaining shares. Hey - do your homework.

      I only challenge when posters have no substance. I challenge chearleaders and nay-sayers. This board has historically been full of nay-sayers with no substance. Thus, my record may appear slanted on this board.

      Do you have an intelligent response on the performance of WCNX? I doubt it.

    • I am glad to see that you quickly figured jett out. Seems to like to agrue with everyone that is not espousing the WCNX company line. Just curious why someone who claims to want this board to be about the fundamentals and technical aspect of the stock valuation would be interested in your knowledge of shady dealings. One more indication jett is an insider?!?

    • I'm disappointed, Jett. You typically read minds because you're so incredibly intelligent... why are you asking for clarification?

      I prefer not to educate the board at this time about WCNX. I'm just a little guy that no one cares to listen to. Even you wouldn't listen, you'd argue. That seems to be what you do best. I know what I know and that's enough for me. I'll keep my nose clean... let's see what WCNX does!

    • Are you talking about garbage companies in general or WCNX? If it is WCNX, provide specifics to educate the rest of the board.

    • I would beg to differ, faulkin... I'm sure enRon and the boys have good qualities locked up here and there, but I'd be willing to bet they've had to cover their hind ends over some goings on in the company.

    • These guys may be Bozo's that are only doing this to make themselves richer, but they are not crooks. EnRon and the others do have some good qualities, but not many.

    • now,now, they are just your TYPICAL waste company aren't they?

    • What do you know about their shady dealings? You can email me if you want to not post.

    • hmmm..somebody else has finally noticed that.

      • 1 Reply to faulkin2001
      • All right. I will refrain from name calling - for now. No, I am not an insider. Truth be known, I bought several years ago at $10-$11, and since I have sold half and I am holding on to the rest to see how WCNX performs. Sorry faulkin, I don't remember you, but I did actively defend WCNX when the stock was in the $10 to $20 range.

        I follow many stocks and have a tendancy to "fire" when I see many negative bashing posts without any factual support. My posts may be sharp, but I intend to challenge posters to provide factual responses. You will find this is the case with many other stocks that I follow (do your homework).

        I am familiar with the waste industry and I can say that there is no fundamental difference in how we collect, transport, and dispose garbage. I said this in 1999, 2000, and 2001. It is still true for now.

        The question is whether WCNX can continue to roll-up companies and add to shareholder value. So far, they have demonstrated that they can vertically integrate operations to increase value. There will be a point at which that will be logistically difficult to continue as demonstrated by other waste co's growth history. I believe the "brick wall" is a couple years out, thus I continue to retain my remaining shares.

        I don't focus on enRon's share activities too closely. Ronnie started this company with a huge bundle of shares. I would'nt expect him to buy more anytime soon.

        I admit that valuation of this company is difficult. Under $30, I think is a reasonable buy. Fair value can be between $32 to $40 depending on how you handle their debt - imho.

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