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  • killman66866 killman66866 Apr 25, 2002 4:57 PM Flag

    jump out the second story window

    the beginning of the end is near sell sell sell

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    • You will have to hand it to the analyst, insiders and market makers...again...perfect timing...

      Start a run from 25 after massive dump few days earlier...the run continues blinded to the markets downtrend and hugh drops...leveling only long enough to stay on schedule...then the last three day run was exactly timed into the earnings (beat the numbers) to arrive just over the 52 week high so as to sucker in all the newby traders...not to mention not so great volume...and then after hours on 24th the news release and boom! Of course they new all about the details and the plan....Now today the downgrade by the genius analyst.

      If you think this whole process was not orchestrated from the beginning then you should stop trading in the stock market. I have seen this happen more than I want to believe.

      Yes, the company numbers look great and IBD shows them as a A+ company but even A+ companies tank. And after this pump job, I would not be surprised if, after THEY get their money out of the stock, we don't see 25 again....just watch and see when it tries to test the highs (37-37.5) if we don't take a little trip down the slide during the next 3 months.....

      I am just glad I was short 500 shares at 37...I got them this time...but who knows about the next time...

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