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  • brianboru80 brianboru80 Nov 1, 2002 1:11 PM Flag

    CFO sells 5,000 shares!

    When the chief financial officer thinks it's time to bail out so do I!

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    • This is so small compared to what he has. So he needed some cash for something. This is a $40.00 stock people. If I had all his shares and options, I would cash in every now and then, wouldn't you?

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      • Get a CLUE!

        The problem is not that he sold 5,000 shares, it is that he now owns 0, Zip, Nada shares of the company he touts to investors as such a great stock!!!! (See the news article below.) It seems he doesn't believe the spin he is spewing to the financial world!

        Imagine a car salesman touting the virtues of a Ford automobile to you, but he drives home in a Dodge! That is what Bouck is doing. IMHO this is a sign the company is due for a major tumble.

        Dow Jones Business News
        Waste Connections CFO Sells 5,000 Company Shares
        Friday November 1, 12:43 pm ET

        WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Waste Connections Inc. (NYSE:WCN - News) Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Steven Brouck sold 5,000 company shares Thursday, according to a Form 4 filed Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
        Brouck sold the shares for $37 each. After the transaction, he didn't own any Waste Connections common shares.

    • Seems curious that our fun-loving CFO is now void of any shares??What is that all about? EnRon himself and his handpicked droids for board members will probably give him a few hundred thousand options (discounted, of course) to get him back in their little rip-off the average investors game. Any time a CEO of a company makes 5400% more than the average worker in that company...something will begin to stink! It's been coming of Ron, now it will be coming off of the rest of these overpaid clowns! Maybe Bouck is feeling guilty about something??? Who knows. 20+ million Last year for enRon himself in compensation...nothing surprises me anymore.

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