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  • jettcity_2000 jettcity_2000 Mar 9, 2003 8:46 PM Flag

    Trash Eater's Still Hanging Around?

    The daily trash eater is perhaps the biggest dipsh*t I've seen post in some time. He/she would have you believe the house of cards is falling.

    The fact is WCN has a debt to equity far less than WM or AW, the industry leaders; has consistently increased margins; and largely plays in an non-competetive field. WCN easily sevices debt while increasing earnings and growth. At a PE of 17 to 18 based on TTM, this is not a house of cards ready to fall.

    Trash eater can short at this level and I will buy. Lets see who is ahead in 12 months.

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    • Jett is up to his typical modis operandi - Name Calling and company cheerleading. I was wondering if your cheerleading outfit still fit you or if being hand fed by enRon and the boys had gotten you too fat to squeeze into that short skirt! This company lives on the edge of ethical business dealings and will eventually not be able to continue the growth it has in the past. (You started the personal attacks!)

      IMHO this company is about 1 year away from single digit growth and the beginnings of cash flow problems. They have neglected their fleet, capitalized repairs that may not be exactly GAAP and have stretched their good managers very thin with the ever increasing locations to supervise and hold together. If you have any EVIDENCE contrary to these items, I would be more than willing to listen and discuss.

      I will let the others on this board determine if I am a dipsh*t or not. I do speak the truth.

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