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  • droptheballpicaboo droptheballpicaboo Nov 17, 2000 10:55 AM Flag

    Whatever Happeded to NextDext?

    I miss reading that Bozo's posts. I want to know how his tech stocks are doing now. My black lab knew more about business valuations that he did.

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    • At least we didn't have to hear nextdext ranting and raving about the y2k issues again. How the entire solid waste industry was going to fail because of that.

    • Nextdext has been quiet since waste stocks have
      back into favor. Nextdext was flaming Stericycle a few
      month back using the same "flawed business model"
      speech. Although Nextdext has some valid concerns to
      consider, Nextdext views did not allow the possibility that
      the waste sector was "under-sold." Those of us that
      recognized this earlier in 2000 have been rewarded nicely. I
      assume that nextdext missed out on this buying

      As a final comment - we all can't be cheerleaders,
      otherwise these boards would be useless. I have found
      contrarian views held by individuals such nextdext have
      prompted me to research stocks further and ask different
      questions. In other words, I may not agree with nextdext
      now, but I am intersted in any comments on WCNX or the
      industry as a whole.

      As I have stated on this board
      earlier this year, there are no real fundamental changes
      in the way we process, transport, and dispose waste.
      The future for waste is bright and many waste stocks
      are still undervalued (including WCNX). Slice WCNX
      anyway you like, and you will likley come up with a $30+
      stock price.

    • Dexter Ashley has been driven away from the trash
      boards. I don't know if he is suspended from using the
      next_dext name or not but he was posting a lot of BS and
      companies are coming down on that now. My guess is he is
      suspended, and now posting under other names.

    • He went to work for Casella

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