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  • slickvguy slickvguy Nov 21, 2007 9:27 PM Flag

    Where'd sciotrader go?

    <<I started more positions last few days.
    Today was CFC @ $8.95...couldn't help the cheap price...just couldn't let it go.

    There you are, my friend. I thought you had abandoned us! :)

    Yes, I added to my RDN core today.

    I also covered my $25 MBI puts mid-day. (Good timing). I was a bit worried that it might be too close for comfort at $25. I'm still holding a whack of $20 Dec puts till expiry.

    Good luck with CFC. I haven't researched it myself, so I have no opinion on that one. I guess you think the bankruptcy fears are overblown?

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    • Oh yes wayyyyy overblown.
      It's a Federal Reserve Bank. FYI

      Third largest.
      BofA bought into the company @19
      Just recently Soros bought into as well.
      Using the Buffett school of trading.
      Not to say there's no reason....plenty but
      I think at some point a Long term purchase
      outweighs the immediate dump. I take the
      tack that 3-5 years is the holding period
      for payback. I think both RDN & CFC will
      be rewarding....Hell even Washington Mutual
      who also has sand kicked in its face. Wait
      how about Citibank. Actually I like Citi
      but there's too much going on in the banking
      sector that isn't all washed out yet....write offs.

      I don't work the option game. Hope you're doing
      great. ME! I haven't done it....can't figure the
      damn thing I stay out. I like the buy
      and hold. Been doing it since 78

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