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  • aabdo aabdo Sep 10, 2009 6:57 PM Flag

    how far up could stock go in the short term

    I am new into following this stock, and I have a question for you long timers.

    How far up do you think this stock go up?


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    • Let’s see . . .
      1) Reduced sub-prime exposure by 43% check)
      2) Increased sales force (check)
      3) Implemented data management system automating contract underwriting (check)
      4) Implemented Loss Mitigation Program (check)
      5) Implemented business programs to improve market share & profitability (check)
      6) Only writing quality business now (check)

      What’s next . . . ?
      1) RDN gets upgraded by ratings agencies?
      2) RDN sells out their 1 billion prospectus?
      3) RDN competes, watch out those too big to ail?

      "Foreknowledge cannot be elicited from ghosts and spirits, it cannot be inferred from comparison of previous events, or from the calculations of the heavens, but must be obtained from people who have knowledge of the enemy's situation. Therefore I say, if you know the enemy and know yourself, the victory is not at risk." - Sun Tzu The Art of War 500BC

      What do you think . . . ?

    • $20 target based on the monthly chart

    • u think?

    • M Whitman is 85--don't think he's calling the shots for Third Avenue anymore--but whoever is shouldn't have sold--Duhhh

    • You guys are just guessing and making up stupid reasons for it going up and/or down. First it should go back to $40 bc MW bought it at $22 (that makes a lot of sense) and then we all discover he sold out at $3 and.......and what? Why did it go to .71c if MW bought at $22. Yeah, he's the guy u want to follow. Here's some news...I think the sun will come up tomorrow...maybe

    • Ii sold too early too. Made a ton of money on this tho, so I cant complain too much. I bought into NPD with their 1.5 P/s divy coming in Dec. (ex-divy is the 9-23), I just couldnt pass that up.

      I will be getting back in after the 25th. I think we still have some way to go before the next adjustment...

    • I was not aware Marty Whitman had sold out completely. I thought he still had a fair amount but guess I was wrong. Up over 11.00 today. Wish I still had the shares I sold at 5.50....

    • If Marty Whitman(Third ave Value Fund )bought the majority of its 11mil shares at 22-23-24--it could go back to 40 easily-65 was the high

      • 1 Reply to tmary444
      • Marty started selling his shares earlier this year. He still owns a ton but he wouldn't have started to sell earlier this year if he thought this was going back up to $40 a share.

        I sold too early because I felt there was more risk ahead than what I was willing to expose my investment to. Right now it turns out I was wrong but I am not sure the MI companies are anywhere near being out of the woods.

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