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  • polish_guru polish_guru Jan 4, 2011 3:36 PM Flag

    Below 8 by end of week!

    charts dont lie. next wave going down harder than last!!!

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    • agree...republicans winning and fighting back the socialist/communist front is a big swing from Obama GANG that I have zero love for..we will survive...there is hope we can role back the damage...that we can bring sensabilty to solving these problems most Americans now acknowledge...without killing the goose that lays the eggs including capitalism itself! don't doubt that was their goal myself being cynical..

    • your inability to see value displays your age perhaps and your years investing..the dark clouds are's about the future..I added 1000 at short 1000 at that level and I'll buy them too...have at it, but watch and have the belief that the macro market at 15x pe. is VERY EXPENSIVE while other investments make zippo and historically p.e are higher is just WRONG..go bury your $ before you lose what you may have left with that way of thinking Polish..

    • Hey, I don't have a lot of faith in the current economic and, especially, the current executive branch but I'm done running around saying that the sky is falling. Americans can dig out of some amazing predicaments. Lok back on how back some of the ad years in the 70's and how bad it looked. Japan was going to own everything, remember? Well that didn't happen plus now we look back on the old days and we say "Those were the good old days!". Well my friend, these will someday be the good old days. Trust me, my fellow Pole, The sun goes down but it always comes back up with either clouds or sunshine!

    • Who does that??...A fools game. I buy low according to a chart and sell when needed...that will be high and sometimes low...we all have sometimes. Now I only buy when the price is below or within the MA(Moving Average)envelope depending on the type of correction and hopefully on a much higher than normal volume. This would be ONLY on a weekly chart. I will monitor daily charts to monitor the volume levels. Works pretty well for me. Takes a lot of the anxiety out of the trade when you feel that prices SHOULDN'T go much lower.

      You don't still average down do you? Seven to fifteen percent down, chose you're tolerance, or poison, and get off.

    • (I already bought but I'm not selling either!)

      Are you averaging down?

      Just curious..

    • just watch and learn whats gonna happen to USA!!! you gonna witness s...on biblical proportions!!! Americans think that all the problems just walked away!!!

    • I already bought but I'm not selling either! You are starting to sound more arrogant than stupid.

    • and you keep buying overpriced stocks!!! with EPS negative and PE n/a

    • moron confirmation with that Poish dude...Will see who is correct over the coming months...keep shorting with the IQ you measure on your one hand..I'm talking "history", so it is yours that needs to be refreshed..

    • so 15 times earnings in the worst economy in USA with unemployment 9.5% with total mess in housing is cheap??? go back to history and learn pumper

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