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  • cherokee5693 Nov 30, 2011 11:07 AM Flag

    am massive rally and this stock doesn't move,

    shows us, this stock is in trouble, I'm long and underwater , things don't look good here.

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    • Right now, that seems to be very good advice. I'm not short, but if i was, I'd run for cover. Just as these stocks cave on bad news, they skyrocket on good news. Good luck

    • Agree with you on both fronts.

      RDN rates very poorly on PR strategy and a punch in the face is exactly what it has felt like when all the negative news hit the wire, and of course, the RDN share price. Not sure why they follow their current practice on the PR front. I know these guys are highly intelligent so I have to believe that their focus and resources are all on new business and adapting their business strategy to what they are facing domestically and globally.

      I'm hoping this company pulls through as this would mean a lot of people keep their jobs and it would be a sign that there is hope for the overall housing market, even if its only a glimmer of hope, at this point.

      My money stays where its at - with RDN. My gut tells me we will receive very favorable news about RDN in the next few days.

      All above imho and nothing more.

      GLTY and all longs.

    • Personally, I would like to see a RDN run like we had two years ago and last year. It moved up very fast but also came down very fast. It seems far fetched these days we will see a run like before but I would be happy if we could just move past $4. Again, I really think Radian lacks on the PR front. They do nothing to promote the good stuff and just stand there and let the negative articles and press keep punching them in the face without punching back.

      Also for all the bashers on this site, do you really want to see Radian go BK? Is that really what you want? Several people lose their jobs and their livelihood. Is that what you want? What is in it for you? Nothing. So why not get behind Radian and cheer them on for doing everything they can to make it through this cycle.

    • I still believe we will see it take a positive new stride in the next couple of weeks. At this point, even the kitchen sink has been tossed into the RDN share price.

      I still believe we may see $2.5 - $2.75 in the next couple of weeks. Truth is RDN swings very strong - both ways. Big money will use this all day long and given the short position on this stock, it may move quick and high on any given day.

      All above imho and nothing more.



    • That is just the way of RDN. Last year it would be up over $1.50 on a rally like today. Not now though, no interest until the housing market recovers and the foreclosure inventory dwindles. MI's are in a serious Katrina headwind and until the storm passes this is what we get. Scraps. The last big move in this stock was back in February when TG announced that Fannie and Freddie may go away. It jumped over $1.00. Has never jumped like that since.

    • Why don't all the longs (and shorts) email IR relations for answers. I believe its Emily Riley. Go to the website for her email address. I did and got a response right away.

    • Its RADiturd, so what do you expect? Until BAC and the other financials move, th is turd is in the doldrums.

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