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  • wintermutev04 wintermutev04 Nov 5, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    the disappointing thing about this react is that none of this should be news

    nothing in that article is new
    and anyone investing in MIs should have already been fully aware of it all
    if not from their own DD, then at least from pure chance of seeing a post or blog about it

    currently i hold no position on RDN, and truthfully I agree with the article. i don't trust holding RDN short-term, though I wish I would try day trade it more often. but all that said, long-term I am a buy on RDN because I think despite all the problems the article highlights, I think it will lead to a MTG-esque crash and healing process.

    Which is why I'm actually currently long on MTG because I feel they're accepted and been more honest about their problems. For a long time people keep praising RDN management and dumping on MTG management but I personally feel both are strong -- they're just using different techniques.

    All that aside, again, which disappoints me is the fact that so many people didn't have any of this already priced in. None of this should be news, and it's unsettling for not only RDN but MTG's stability, too.

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    • further, and I want to add this:

      it would have been nice had the article tried to at least be somewhat positive about the positives of the company.

      its talk on the policy issuance was almost sarcastic in its negativity. sure, i agree that it's not as special as some people believe. RDN is indeed tossing new policy around with abandon, even compared to MTG who is demanding higher safety requirments (namely FICO scores). but in general, it's still a great sign, and it would have strengthened the case the article writer was making had he at least given some credit to positive developments at RDN.

    • Good point winter. No position either.

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