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  • tommiegun53 tommiegun53 Jan 29, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    Oldman now that we're friends, where did you come from?

    Before you started posting on Yahoo message board last month, where were you?

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    • Oldman why not invest in Genworth, it has doubled in 2 mos.

      Why not invest in MGIC, it has doubled in the last 5 mos?

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      • As to MTG, I think U can tell me which one is better, RDN vs MTG.
        If U want to diversify, then pick other Financial sub-sector or field. RDN+MTG is not diversified.

        As to genetech, it always a great Co. ( I am a Chem major from UCB, and I respect this Co. Sort of Intel of PC world.)

        During my final yrs in Silicon Valley, we all sensed the overall growth rate for Tech sector is about to peak out. The new star of sector leader will be Biotech for next 50 yrs. (in terms of growth rate, chances.)

        However, during these 2-3 yrs, Financial’s growth rate will still beat Biotech, but then behind it in about 5 yr. So, if U want to have diversification, genetech will be a good choice for UR wealth development.

        As to UR mention of their recent big run up, that is good. Because we are in Super Bull stage now, and most Co will run up sooner or later. However, the strong one are always run up first! The weaker always up in later, and the weakest just jump at the market peak.

        That is way I would not consider MTG. ( U already know my 2013 plan.)

        I hope UR happy my answer.

        Have a great yr & great return

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      • Oldman, it doesn't add up. Something is not right but, the board is open anyone.

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    • Oldman123,
      You are very eloquent and intelligent too. I just want to know, before you signed onto Yahoo's message board and started posting frequently in December 2012, where did you come from?

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      • from CA.
        Being out of market & Yahoo's MB for many yrs until last summer.
        I did not join any other Co.'s MB, or Yahoo's other MB. Just this one.

        Don,t U see my 2013 plan is 130 -140 % net Long, and all will be in RDN only. So, this is the only place I will focus, and this MB is my only place to get help from many of our good fellows like U, h92,...etc.

        For the market's reaction to this rotation/profit taking and a few big players manipulation, I am happy to see that the pull back is almost nothing.

        By tomorrow, if they still can not push down thru $6.00, then a few days later, $6.50 will be never return all the way till earning date.

        Still not sure what would happen after earning date. (How big the Institution players would take profit & how long it will take to break thru $8 line.) (The 1st major hurdle this year. )

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    • BTW, Very happy to see that --- The Fool's Ad.
      if RDN's drop of that 20¢ today is all that marketing can buy,
      then the shoot up force is even more powerful by Earning date.

      Do feel sorry for some young and naive individual investors that bought those marketing Ad. Their result are foreseeable. ( No way to reach to help them ) I can not blame some of those big players that behind this scene because they are here for their profit, at the expense of young people. ( not the right way to help young man )

      In our MB, we have some sincere, straight forward guys like h92, cd, EX etc. to guide those lost guy the right way, though in less polite wordings like --- "disappear", "Idiot of the Year"... . But still try to help them see the right way. (in this Wall Street game field, to me is a killing field, not easy to find people or place to share honest research results & DD )

      I guess Trade should buy coffees for h92, EX etc.

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    • I had been out of market for several yrs since retired.
      Last yr I was kicked out by my Supreme Commander, (watch out, h92)
      so I started to come back to Market to earn some private money.

      However, in my past 20 yrs investment experience, I did go thru
      many stages from private/VC, Pre-IPO, then was pulled down to this killing field by ever bigger profit desires. I only focus on Hi-Tech and just a bit of Financial sectors. (Because I ran Hi-Tech companies, but just not Accounting Dept; a strange feeling to CPA :-))

      So happy to come to this RDN MB group & meet many good guys like you and many others. Really learn & got help from all of you, especially from you, Tomi.

      With lot's of study, and UR F/A help, I fully believe we are in the jack pot if hold many years. But knowing one thing is different from getting something. I will try to discuss with everyone to get a practical way for Max. profit.

      For Ex : QI.

      Title: If U can foresee RDN this year, what will U do ?

      Content: In other words, How do U max. UR profit this year?
      In easy & still safe style.

      Think deep, and tell me what is UR plan / strategy to get that max level

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      • 2 Replies to oldman123
      • May..."The Force" (no?) be with I stated earlier...I am long on mtg & rdn... 400K shares...since 18 mos. ago...they both have been very, very good to me...these "under-currents" mean nothing to me...made my first million, months ago....I appreciate your input, Oldman (btw-I am too, 59)...obviously... I, (we?) are playing a different game than others

        peace out...exmo

      • You're crisp analyses sparked my interest so, I thought I would do a little research on other investments, you maybe invested in. I came up empty with no history at all, until you started on the Radian site in December 2012.

        You make easily, so that is highly unusual that you, would not have any history.

        I was surprised because one of first things you said was you have been following my posts for quite awhile.

        What made you break your silence?

        The reason I ask is because, over the last year's, I have met some real jerks and, you can't blame me for being suspicious of you?

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