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  • tommiegun53 tommiegun53 Jan 31, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

    What To Expect At Q4 2012 Earnings Conference On Feb 11, 2013

    These are the highlights of the earnings conference for Radians Q4 2012:

    1. Risk to capital was less than 25 to 1
    2. New Insurance written was $11.73 billion
    3. 1,662 loans were removed from the default inventory
    4. Risk in force was $35.99 billion
    5. Net premiums earned were $198.9 million
    6. The $103 million balance due on February 15, 2013 bond has been paid
    7. $1.026 billion of loans were paid during 2012
    8. $210 million in loan loss provisions were put into reserves
    9. $..... In reserves were converted to profits, of the $239 million in excess reserves.

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    • These are calculated results, you will see.

    • If we get these results on Monday at 8AM, we will be in good shape. Remember Friday is the last time to buy RDN prior to the release.

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    • After reading pages 14-16 of the Radian SEC 10-Q dated Sept 30, 2012, I believe there is a good chance Radian could see some of recovery from its Financial Guaranty commutations made in Q1-Q3 2012. Radian reduced financial guaranty net par outstanding by $10.2 billion in 2012.

      Radian commuted FG contracts and in some cases set up limited purpose vehicles(LPV) for future losses from CDO of ABS in the amount of $75.9 million and, $210 million for TruPs CDOs. A recovery would most likely be applied to statutory capital.

      Radian Asset Assurance contributed $108.5 million to statutory capital to Radian Guaranty in 2012.

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    • Sleestack,

      Your opinions are your opinion. I caution you to look at Q3 earnings discussion where you missed out on the profits but, were adamant as you are now.

      I will repost Radian Q4 Financial Results so far, and we can discuss in detail your Outlook.
      t will be fun as always!

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    • Exmodean,
      I have had you on ignore for over six months. I don't care to network you or talk to you and you know this. Yet. Instill you managed to creep through on one of less used devices.
      It had been fixed now!

    • Okay, I will to put together some gaap and non-gaap numbers over the weekend.

      I don't want to say any old thing. Also, I don't feel I should out come out with some numbers under pressure.

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    • Sleestack,
      While everyone is free to voice an opinion, including jettrader.
      Your track record is "too poor" to be taken seriously.

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      • 2 Replies to tommiegun53
      • Watch it're starting to flirt with your old've been behaving better as of late...maybe it's the new meds you're taking, or the shorter leash your handlers have you matter, you're NOT the ONLY forecaster on this board.

        Truth be told...Sleestack76 is a much better analyst/mechanic than you are...and YOU KNOW IT. Historically, you've made up your deficit by dumping voluminous amounts of UN-synthesized data points, "fluff" material, baseless conclusions and wild prognostications. Your process at times has been a real kluge; which in turn, makes it difficult for average investor to embrace.

        You're to be congratulated for getting better...just don't blow it...capish?

        peace out...exmo

      • My track record is that I am up over 120% on RDN. Let's see if this makes sense GAAP earnings and NON-GAAP earnings. I say NON GAAP is still negative on a operating basis but getting close to breakeven and turning a profit. What do you fill the company will do NON-GAAP?

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    • Profits too.

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      • The key is operating profits.....which excludes gains or losses on derivatives. They will not show an operating profit for the 4th quarter IMHO. They main show a gaap profit with derviatives gains and a release of some reserves but otherwise dont expect a profit from operations. Stock is still undervalued and is a growth story than many tutes will have to pay up for...unless they do a secondary....which I hope they do at much higher prices than 6 bucks.

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