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  • oldman123 oldman123 Feb 2, 2013 12:49 AM Flag

    Weekend Fun talk to Burnie -- 3. Any difference today ?

    Let's see the RDN data:

    Jan 2nd. up 3.3% ---- Vol. 9.6M --- end $6.31 (daily price)
    Feb. 1st. up 5.3% --- Vol. 3.8M ---- end $6.77

    1. the trend shows the Price action momentum from the routine Mutual Funds buying at the 1st day of Month is turning stronger on RDN. ( They are too late, and still too many to switch)

    2. One monthly Return: Feb/Jan: 7.3% (x12= 87.6 % annual , assume No earning release ☺)

    What it means today ? The key group among many big players, Mutual Funds mainly, are showing their intention in actions. They are chasing now. And the action won’t be ending in one month; since their goal is also about 5 yrs long.

    ( 30 yrs ago, their holding target was 20 yrs, then shrunk to 10 yrs,.. 5 yrs. Some even only hold 2 yrs in 2008-9 period.)

    cf: Financial & Health, today’s result shows they think Financial sectors is still top, then by Health. Tech is still out. (but No short! This yr. The time to short tech was last yr.)

    The key point is Do U know & study UR players behaviors & sentiment ?
    If so, U would already buy RDN yesterday, like me just added additional 1K, ( missed $6 order last Mo. h92 really smart & lucky.)
    or even buy a bit earlier and hold it --- waiting for them.

    Not to tell U how to play against some of MM in a daily fashion, but try to help U think a bit deeper about how to Max. UR profit in RDN this yr.

    So, what is UR idea?

    Still plenty chance to make bigger profit!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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