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  • mrmojorisingdoors mrmojorisingdoors Feb 8, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    Another large loss on Monday

    Bob and S.A. have already told us to expect "significantly higher losses" on Monday... don't expect any investment gains to offset losses this time around....excerpts from the Q3 transcript:

    S.A. Ibrahim
    In the third quarter, Radian Guaranty's risk to capital ratio improved to 20.1 to 1. The improvement in our risk to capital ratio this quarter was primarily driven by investment gains, partially offset by a small level of operating loss

    Bob Quint
    For the fourth quarter, we are expecting a larger MI operating loss as the negative impact of seasonality on both new defaults and cures is expected to result in significantly higher incurred losses for the quarter

    Operating losses in the fourth quarter are expected to decrease our capital level. There are minimal remaining embedded investment gains in our current portfolio

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    • ...a logical fallacy. Go ahead...look it up... You a college boy? --Ex

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      • Ex you are not learning.

      • Ex,

        I'd be interested in hearing why you you think I'm stating a "logical fallacy". Would you care to explain?

        I'm just QUOTING (within the text of my message) what Radian has already said in their last transcript. In the heading of my message I said "another large loss" which are my own words... Radian's said that there would be "significantly higher losses" and a "larger MI operating loss" on Monday.

        One guy is writing that it will be $10 on Monday. Another guy is writing that it will be $30 by Monday. I'm not attempting to hype anything, I'm not drawing conclusions or crunching numbers with some magic formula, making speculations about what may or may not happen, or suggesting that there will be some windfall of money released... I'm just repeating what Radian has said.

        Radian also said that they will achieve a small operating profit at somepoint in 2013. That's terrific and I welcome that turnaround, but that's 2013, and we're still looking at 2012 results.

        Of course, you know everything I have said is true, and anyone can look up the quotes in the 2012/Q3 transcript, so not sure why you feel the need to discredit me? Do feel like I've taken the quotes out of context? If so, please feel free to enlighten me along with the rest of the board.

        So now it's time for you to hit the dictionary... try looking up the word integrity.


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