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  • ottonuman ottonuman Feb 11, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    If you have a $2m profit on rdn & mtg u r either....

    ...a loser or a liar or both. #$%$ r u doin on a yahoo message board.... Living loco ... And u know who u are u fool

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    • Ottonuman I refuse to accept your irrational accusation regarding Exmo. I stand behind the man and I did followed his thread, whether your allegation is true or correct, only Exmo would know it. Peace!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I presume you are referring to me, though your post lacks attribution as to whom the alleged, "loser, or liar or both" is...and in a prior post, I referenced the 2 mil. phrase to my friend, Dubaragro.

      Additionally, from reading your words, I'll presume you are under the influence of something psychoactive...perhaps alcohol or crack cocaine...and therefore, I'll be kind.

      On November 15, 2012, I noted that the Board was taking a licking from the likes of shill Steveobama and Barron's bear article on RDN. A little panic was in the air, and I attempted to stamp it down with a little testimonial.

      I disclosed specifics concerning my market/casino holdings and and MI sector holdings that really shouldn't have be news to anyone who had following my historical posts. Later in the thread, Bernie had indeed followed and stated the same.

      So, ottobaby, do a little DD on the board and you'll dig up my disclosures from that day, which, are completely truthful, as are all of my personal disclosures, including today's. I have nothing to lie about, nor do I require an entourage. Should your impairments become insurmountable and you're unable to find the message thread, give us a shout out & 'll be happy to provide a citation.

      Summing up and in answering your question as to, "...#$%$ r u doin on a yahoo message board". with me on this, ottobaby....

      The best Las Vegas Roulette is found at MGM and Mirage. If bankroll is not an issue, Bellagio and Wynn are also recommended. These 4 offer European Roulette rules (a single 0 instead of both 0 and 00) and return half your even money bet (such as Red or Black) if the single 0 comes up. All other casinos take your entire bet.

      Minimum bet sizes can vary by time of day and year, but you may find $25 minimums at MGM and Mirage while Wynn and Bellagio are usually $100. These 4 casinos have maximum even money bets of $20,000 except MGM’s $10,000 max bet. These 4 casinos have a Roulette House Edge of 1.35% (citations available on request).

      Now...this is where you shine ottobaby...answer my question, and you'll answer yours.

      Why would ottonuman and exmo, while smoking fine Cuban cigars and sipping Hennessy Ellipse, throw down at the Bellagio High Limit Wheel....otto covers the min. and ex...the max.

      Hmmm....why is that so...? (ok...sorry, that's 2 questions)

      peace out...exmo the Bellagio High Limit Wheel....they comp you the booze and smokes.

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